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Our project for Wanda Complex of Tai’an, aims to communicate the mission of that this group transmits, namely to represent the luxury boutiques for major international fashion brands. Positioning itself in the Chinese market as main leader in the retail, leisure and hospitality. This corporate vision it’s part of the strategy of making each new unique complex from the point of view of design, investing in quality projects and architectural originality.


The size of the new complex will be a generator of urban change of the area in which it will be built. The importance from the standpoint of commercial and social intervention will be “the main attraction” able to influence and enhance the development and redevelopment of the surrounding area.

Respecting the program of the tender we have worked to achieve the objective described above through a design consistent with the budget and harmonic in the design of three different façade systems that we have been called to draw.

SHOPPING CENTER : is the most important structure of the complex on we worked. Fluid shapes and dynamic capable of giving identity to the whole urban area and to stand as a strategic urban shopping and leisure. Since this is a commercial structure we have created a facade with a strong sex appeal, capable of stimulating the sense of the “desire”. By working with the same principle of the great fashion designers, our work was to shape a material to give life to a “dress.” Our idea is to imagine this project as an architectural work doesn’t static, but made of folds, signs and pushups.



As well as the female body, our shopping center is made from smooth curves, shapes and signs that stimulate the desire, “an attractive reminder that invites to purchase.”

GRADE A : Different conception is the idea for the office towers and the new 5-star hotel. The two towers are 150 meters in the South side. They differ among them, about an architectural form: the tower that will be part hotel and offices, rests on a podium for the hotel services, with a roof garden over the coverage. The shape of the building has the same size up to 19 floor, after which the building shrinks creating a terrace. The remaining floors are of smaller size.


The second tower, destined to offices only, is realized as a regular parallelepiped in all its height.The coating of these volumes has been studied with the aim to satisfy the two destinations of use different from each other and with different needs. For both Towers we thought it important for the control of solar radiation. At the same time it was important to create a facade that was elegant and dynamic making the 150m high volumes, elements of great architectural quality. Taking advantage of the movement of the sun we have covered the building with a system of panels and sun blades that allow you to manage the flow of light inside the rooms, creating an original design that characterizes the facade. The light hitting the slats positioned at different degrees, creates a moving pattern that is opposed to the rigid design of the fixed panels.

GRADE B : The project consists of 6 residential towers designed to 100 m. These towers are positioned at the entrances on the east and west sides of the new complex. We have thought a system of facade consistent with the intended use, repeatable on a greater number of buildings without creating visual discomfort. We have therefore worked keeping in mind the ratio of radiation to which these buildings are also subjects. The matte surface approximately 40% of the facade ensures a correct management of the light and an important energy saving . We have developed a design that would highlight the floors, with bands in Alucobond panels in white alternating with the bands of windows. To characterize the facade was added an element of decor made in the shape of X that develops on the height of two floors and creates a design that features clean lines of the facade.

Location: Tai’an – China
Architect: DRA&U
Project: Wanda Plaza
Client: Shanghai Ouchuang Business Consultancy Service Co. Ltd.
Tipology: Shopping Mall | Hotel | Residential | Office
Area: 500.000 sqm
Team Project: Giorgio Pini, Simone Luciani, Livia Campana, Annapina Di Filippo, Fausto Getuli
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