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Concept & Competition Elliott + Associates Architects | Turbinomics

These illustrations involve the search for a solution to construct a high-rise building that is energy-neutral, using windpower.

The site is downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, 35.46 Latitude and 97.52 Longitude, located on the western edge of the Central Business District.  The block is located between North Walker Avenue and Dewey Avenue, south of Sheridan Avenue to California.  It is currently vacant land.

The wind is a unique condition in this city. Wind and weather are constantly changing due to the jet stream wind conditions.  The average wind speed year-round is 12.2 m.p.h.  Oklahoma City is the second windiest city in America  (Dodge City, Kansas is #1).

The architecture is shaped by the forces of wind.  It is known that wind turbulence occurs around high-rise structures.  We have created a structure that allows the wind forces to drive vertical axis turbines incorporated into the building skin.  These 4’ tall carbon-fiber-finned belt turbines placed horizontally between each floor generate power for the structure.  The belt turbines are independent at each floor and can be activated by wind from any direction.  Flush fin doors can be closed over sections of the fins to ensure maximum benefit from the directional wind force.  This design creates architecture that “works” rather than being static and energy-absorbing/consuming.

The sustainable features include:

  • Carbon-Fiber vertical axis turbines that use the wind to create power
  • Reduced wind turbulence due to aerodynamic form
  • Rainwater collection
  • Solar film on the triple insulated low e curtain wall glass system
  • There is no “roof” or contributed heat island effect
  • Polished stainless steel skin provides heat reflection
  • Building base design deflects façade downdraft wind
  • Lower level glass covered lobby with water sheeting over the glass to reduce heat and create atmospheric space below
  • Parking is planned for an adjacent garage or underground


Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Architect: Elliott + Associates Architects
Project Team:
Design: Rand Elliott, FAIA | Elliott + Associates Architects
Visualization: Brian Eyerman | Skyline Ink
Copy Editor: Jeanette Elliott | Ackerman McQueen
Average wind speed in Oklahoma City:  12.2 mph
Oklahoma City has an average of 300 sun-days per year.
North wind is dominant from December through February
South wind is dominant from March through November
Surface Area: 132,012 sf
Total building area: 570,186 sf
Total height: 795 feet, 53 stories (including spire)

Winning concept of the Journal Record’s 2010 Innovator of the Year – Rand Elliott, FAIA

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