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enforma | Vila Stoliv

Architecture enforma | Vila Stoliv

enforma | Vila Stoliv“Denying ones history is impossible, but to obey it blindly is unproductive and artistically unacceptable. The most important thing is to share it: we cannot disavow the past, neither should we utilize it lightly. Both tradition and future are conquered by creative efforts and the profound study of architectural language, spirit and practice.”

Professor Ranko Radović

In the landscape such as the Bay of Boka Kotorska, great challenge can be construction of building beyond a traditional “recipe”. It’s like when you grow up in a diverse ethnic surrounding where yours ” differences ” are not accepted and understood very well. In that situation, we should to celebrate “the differences” between people and like that today, with all social, economic and technological development, we must thinking about structure which will reflect the present, but without endangering “spirit” of the existing natural and built environment – “genius loci”.

enforma | Vila Stoliv

enforma | Vila StolivHouse “Vila Stoliv” is placed at inaccessible terrain in a little fishing village Stoliv, 8 km far from old town Kotor in Boka Kotorska bay and versus ancient settlement Perast. This position of house “provide” impressive views and this fact was key impact on creating the form of house.

enforma | Vila StolivStudious approach to the task and careful approach to all aspect and needs of enviroment and contemporary society, gave us wanted goal which is reflecting into contemporary and ”purified” expression of the house. So, the architecture of this house is product of deep analize of location and demands of investiotor “Pluto Capital” doo, to create original design with accent on mentioned “views”. All this aspects are incorporated in formal expression of “seashell”, which is “opening” to the “views”, creating unique space, both in interior and exterior. Unique design approach is implemented in two aspects. First, radial stone walls are creating three primary parts, which are fuctionaly and structuraly parts of house and ,second, into a big glass surfaces of house which “bring” enviroment in interior, creating subtle mix of inner and outer space.

enforma | Vila StolivPositioning the house of 424.5 square metars onto very inaccessible terrain, was great challange for us, but also this fact gave us opportunity to create several interesting and quality ambients in landscape design of parcel. House has basement, ground floor and first floor. The basement is provided for garage with two parking places, goods shed, laundry room and also gym and winery. Very interesting detail through all floors is the stairs that follows radial walls and “bring” dynamics in whole interior.

enforma | Vila StolivFrom the hallway at ground floor, where is also the main entrance, entering into living room which with kitchen and dinning room create unique “fluid” space connected directly with terraces with pool outside. At ground floor there are also a toilet and Spa with sauna, wardrobe and shower also connected with pool. At back side of ground floor is situated the guest apartment with independent entrance. First floor is defined like “night zone” with two bedrooms, bathroom and one master bedroom with own wardrobe and bathroom. All three bedrooms are connected with large terrace which is covered with automatic tarpaulin in one part.

enforma | Vila StolivThe overall approach to the project, and the result of that is derived from it in this case recognized and awarded by the jury of “CEMEX” award. This house was chosen for  the best building in Montenegro in 2012. and also won the third prize at the International competition in Mexico in Sustainable Building.

enforma | Vila StolivThis award is a significant recognition that the Studio “Enforma” and for the Montenegrin architecture scene and is a clear indication that the right approach can achieve respected result.

Location: Stoliv, Kotor, Montenegro
Architect: enforma | Marh Nikola Novaković d.i.a.
Project name: Vila Stoliv
Associate: Marijela Pajić d.i.a.
Project studio: Enforma doo
Gross area: 424,5m2
Year of project: 2010
Year of constructing: 2012
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