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Eugeni Quitllet has created a collection of plastic tableware called ‘DIN AMIC,’ manufactured by Ipi for mass retail. Cups, bowl, salad bowl, tray, saucer and cutlery compose a streamlined and elegant series for ephemeral tables. One would certainly think twice before throwing away this tableware set comprising 300 million units by year. Din-amic comprises those small ultra industrial democratically designed collector items that are sometimes found amongst products with a high turnover.


‘Din-amic is a collection that epitomises the idea of ephemeral use. The concept is unique, fascinating and paradoxical: objects that are virtually endlessly produced to celebrate inherently unique moments. This contrast that is only possible for very large-scale industrial series, continues to fascinate me, to take a quick moment.’

Din-amic is an entirely stackable and modular collection “where design is priceless” or almost. At Leclerc prices range from €0.86 for 20 forks, to €1.90 for the large salad bowl. 30 small spoons are €0.95, 6 plates are €2.90, 4 small dishes are €1.90 and 6 bodega style cups are €1.50.

09The Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet was born on 17th April 1972 in Ibiza. He graduated from ‘La Llotja’ art school in Barcelona. Through his creative vocabulary he exceeds simple relationships between function and style unveiling innovative objects. A blend of design, sculpture and contemporary archaeology, Quittlet literally reveals silhouettes hidden in the material, extremely visual skeletal objects elegantly master fullness and emptiness often with a touch of humour: the Masters chair combines the 3 contours of legendary seats by Eames, Saarineen and Jacobsen, the K Ray lamp is an organic UFO, a network of veins hollowed out of the material which results in an object suspended in a frame, his signature method prevalent naturally in several of the designer’s projects: the Shine vases, the Light Air lamp, the 0’Clock lamp, without forgetting the O Ring watch, a hole in time in the true sense, best seller of the brand Fossil modernising watchmaking codes. A revelation of the contours and forms that he likes to summarize here again through a metaphor that plays with the suspension and murkiness to dispel: ‘Utopia is a mist from where feasible ideas emerge.’

04From object to space, Eugeni Quitllet is a design world freak capable of devouring the whole of our environment in his own way to serve it up to us transformed. It is no surprise to learn then that his career began in the company of another freak: Philippe Starck. The only designer to have co-signed pieces with the French designer, Quitllet initiated with Starck what he calls a ‘cool-laboration’ in 2001 by descending on his house in Formentera. A flash of artistic brilliance that led to many projects for Kartell, Driade, Flos, Alias, Emeco, Xo, Magis, Dedon.

06Eugeni Quitllet founded his studio in Barcelona in 2011. He has designed new fun and fluid tableware for Air France, the Shine vase collection for Kartell that combines precious crystal with visual economy and lastly the interior design of the Fromagerie de la Jeune Rue unveiled in Paris in spring 2014.

eugeni quitllet - DIN-AMIC IPI 003Ipi has been linked to millions of social occasions for over 25 years with a strong conviction “to combine the useful and the pleasant”. The Made in France experience, led Ipi to continuously design products blending aesthetics and convenience whilst simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment.

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