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Frank Gehry | The French Cinematheque

Architecture Frank O. Gehry | The French Cinematheque

A park in Paris, in the twelfth “arrondissement” (the administrative districts), to 51 of the Rue de Bercy (48°50’13.20″N – 2°22’55.88″E), familiarly shortened already by the Parisians “Le 51″, embraces the new center of the Cinémathèque Française http://www.cinematheque.fr/ that has officially opened in 2005 and planned by Frank Owen Gehry http://www.gehrypartners.com/. The center can count on four rooms perfectly equipped from the 16 millimeters to the digital video, even with a twelve orchestral hole in case there is to be accompanied a mute film. Eight floor and three undergrounds: the external structure was projected by Gehry, with its traditional joint volumes, the intern has been abundantly elaborated again for suiting it for the new demands. The building of Gehry initially destined to entertain the American cultural representation was closed, has been in relief from the French State in which has invested more than 35 million Euro for the adaptation, to which they are to add the 25 spent for buying the property.

In this way they have found space four rooms: three devoted to the programming (of 415 places, of 199 and of 94) and one, of 83 places, reserved to the didactic activities. To these are added the ambient of the Library of the Film, and two great museum areas (one, called “Passion cinéma”, in which we can find the most famous as the automaton of “Metropolis” or the gears in which Charlot falls down in “Modern Times”, the other smaller rooms for the new acquisitions) and above all, to the fifth floor, a real expositive gallery, that will entertain shows where the art weaves him with the cinema. The projections for quantity and quality turn it into a kind of eternal marvelous source of cinema. It begins to midday and a half, to offer to the students and the employees of the numerous offices of the zone, the occasion of a break lunch some different from the usual one, and it continues up to late evening in all the three rooms. An average of fifty projections a week, that ago more or less 2.500 projections a year.

Location: Paris, France
Architect: Frank O. Gehry
Special thanks to Franco di Capua
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