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Franken Architekten | Laube Liebe Hoffnung

Architecture Franken Architekten | Laube Liebe Hoffnung

In the center of Frankfurt/Main, in the heart of the new Europaviertel district, the district’s developer aurelis Real Estate Management GmbH has built a three-wing wooden house as a meeting point for the fledgling neighborhood – thus was born Laube Liebe Hoffnung and with it a statement of responsibility and lively diversity in newly emerging urban centers.

Franken Architekten | Laube Liebe HoffnungAs an identification and meeting point, Franken Architekten, Frankfurt/Main, designed a wooden pavilion shaped to describe a continual, sculptural fold that spans the building’s three wings and aligns with the park’s main pathways. Each wing has its own particular use, conceived with the newly emerging urban district in mind: restaurant, function room and 14-meter-high viewing platform.

Franken Architekten | Laube Liebe HoffnungInside the summerhouse, acre realized an interior design and restaurant concept with an objective that is of fundamental importance precisely in the new city district, namely, to create a place with soul. Acre has transformed the wooden house with the garden into Laube Liebe Hoffnung. The “hearth” takes the form of an open kitchen, simultaneously serving as a dining room and thus citing the pleasant atmosphere of family gatherings in the kitchen. The use of recycled oak for the tables and classic chairs such as the Frankfurt Kitchen Chair (an homage to the restaurant’s home city) and Tolix give the place a warm feel, complemented by plenty of daylight thanks to full-length windows and wooden elements such as shelves and coat racks. The highlight is the open kitchen, fittingly framed by its cladding of cement mosaic tiles with a floral pattern. Old Central European kitchen lamps, original specimens from the 1920s and 1930s, are hung throughout the dining and bar areas, forming a red thread and creating a sense of familiarity both by day and of an evening.

Franken Architekten | Laube Liebe HoffnungAnyone looking for a function room for private or business occasions will find a perfect venue in the restaurant lounge with a view of the Frankfurt skyline. Here original Eames Plastic Side Chairs from the 1960s and 1970s, vintage rugs and a sky full of Akari paper lanterns form the creative backdrop. Modern darkening and presentation technology included.

Franken Architekten | Laube Liebe HoffnungThe building has a timber-frame and a larch facade, and the latter is continued as a spatially defining feature. As such the barrier-free restrooms on the ground floor, also in larch, are conceived as a “wooden cabin within the cabin”, as are the partition doors in all WCs. The fresh, seasonal home cuisine is inspired by whatever the local gardens, fields and meadows have to offer. Thus the open kitchen also symbolizes togetherness and cooperation. And that doesn’t just apply to the choice of authentic materials and products, indeed, concerning the running of the restaurant the Laube Liebe Hoffnung team also pays particular attention to product loyalty and sustainability – in line with the concept and for the well-being of the guests.

Location: Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Architect: Franken Architekten
Project name: Laube Liebe Hoffnung
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