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What does the color of a porch light mean

In any location, color is an essential element in lighting that creates a dynamic atmosphere. The importance of color in illumination is not disputed regardless of whether it is intended to promote awareness, support a campaign or symbolize a vacation. As different colors may influence our mentality, it is not unexpected that they have value in the exterior design of a house, especially a porch light.

Porch lights can be designed in all different colors, such as yellow, white, blue, and even green. It is not unusual to find a green light outside your neighbor’s home; yet, they are not simply for decoration but have different meanings.

So, if you are wondering “What does a green porch light mean?”, this article will not only present the significance of green porch lights but also some tips about porch lights in general.

What Does a Green Light on Porch Mean?


As you know, the color green is not only the color of spring, freshness, and hope in the world, especially in the US and Europe, but it also typically symbolizes rebirth, regeneration, and longevity.

While a spotlight in the front entrance is the porch light, it will help you quickly observe who is coming through a window or a keyhole. Not only that, but it also allows you to find your way home during the night, welcome visitors, secure your house, and signify various events.

However, what a green porch light means may vary according to the period of the year and place. These reasons will give you an overview of the meaning of a green porch light, the various occasions people from different countries turn on their green porches, and how they celebrate those events.

Express Heritage Pride

The most common meaning of the green light bulb on porch comes from Ireland. Many residents here put on their green porch lights for St. Patrick’s Day. It is the largest religious and cultural festival, on March 17th every year.

During this holiday, public parades and festivals, Irish traditional music, green clothing, and home decoration with the green color are usually celebrated to demonstrate an appreciation of Irish heritage. Formal meetings, including banquets and concerts, are also held, even though these have been more widespread back in the day.

Appreciate U.S. Military Veterans



In the United States of America, the green hue is commonly used to represent support and admiration to military veterans. The usage of green porch light links to the phrase “Greenlighting”, which implies that people are fighting for something. Americans usually turn their porch light to green to commemorate soldiers on two special occasions: Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

1. Veterans Day

November 11 every year is Veterans’ day, where US officials commemorate veterans who have fought for the nation. The majority of 20 million veterans in the USA have been suffering both physical and mental injuries due to the intensity of warfare and other countries’ tragedies.

There is a specific program called “Green Light a Vet” launched by Walmart in 2015. The green porch light is meant to assist veterans and inspire them to make progress.

The program invited individuals to turn one of their porch lights into green as part of the project. They also encouraged people to post their green light photo on social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet. In other words, instead of throwing holiday parties or barbecues, individuals express their sympathy and appreciation by turning their green light bulb on porch on the 11th of November or for the whole month.

2. Memorial Day

Similar to Veterans Day, Memorial Day, known as Decoration Day, is a holiday in the United States to remember and grieve the military soldiers that passed away while working on their missions. The holiday is organized on the last Monday of May annually.

Americans often visit graves and tombs of soldiers and turn their porch lights to green to show respect to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the nation’s independence and peace. To be less sorrowful, many people go on getaways or have barbecues on this vacation, possibly because of the weekend of Memorial Day.

Exposure to Lyme disease

Cases of Lyme disease have quickly grown in recent years and are anticipated to increase. This disease was found to be the sixth most prevalent in the American list of nationally reportable diseases. Therefore, there are programs for public awareness and healthcare providers targeted at decreasing the prevalence of Lyme disease.

One of them is the worldwide consciousness movement to have green porch lights lit for the first two weeks in May. Along with other activities, turning on a green light on the porch may be seen most of the time at the houses of doctors, medical specialists, or families with Lyme disease members in Canada and the USA to show empathy and raise Lyme disease awareness.

As a symbol of optimism, people switch their porch lights green to demonstrate that they hope people who suffer Lyme disease to get better around the world.

Honor COVID-19 Victims

In Kentucky, the green porch light represents the deaths for Covid-19 when the pandemic became pervasive in the area in 2020. The green porch light does not just memorialize the people killed by the coronavirus but inspires others around the country to do the same. Many people from Kentucky are taking part and viewing it as a means to show “We are all united in this”.

Recognize Emergency Signal

A flashing or blinking green or red porch light is an emergency signal. When you try to draw an ambulance, fireman, or police officer to the property, someone will flash their porch light. This might help to discover the residence more quickly in an urgent situation.

Red or green light on the porch shows if the drugs are prepared and available. At unknown times of the year, Christmas lights on the porch suggest that meth is made at that place.

In moments of emergency, everybody must have a spot to go. Hence, many families add green porch lights on their front door for visitors to know that a safe place is there. There is a chance that you would want to approach someone with a green light in front of the porch if you are seeking support in the new area.

Why Green Porch Lights?

While porch light hues such as red, blue, and purple signify various significant subjects, the green light is a global sign of our thanks for the wartime devastation and the incredible courage of our warriors, sensitivity of disease, and protection.

Green porch lights indicate that people advocate something like the days of commemoration listed above. Being correlated with health and prosperity, they also represent recovery in societies. Indeed, a veteran family is expected to prepare green porch lights when their member comes back from the combat zone.

Furthermore, they give signals to the domestic authorities to detect potential hazards. In agriculture, the usage of green porch lights may impact plants because it allows plants to produce their own nourishment via photosynthesis.

Is It Preferable to Keep Lights On or Off Your Porch?

It is not advisable to keep your porch light on for 24 hours a day. First of all, this will waste electricity and money. Next, a strong light might disturb your neighbors since it shines through their windows or doors. So, switch off your porch light before bedtime to save energy resources, money, and prevent light pollution.

Besides, safety professionals believe it is unlikely to prevent theft from leaving your light on throughout the time, especially when you are on vacation. As burglars are always searching for unoccupied properties, burning your porch lights on a 24-hour holiday accidentally demonstrates to them that you have nobody at home.

Timers with interior and outdoor lights should be installed so that they imitate human activity. For instance, porch lights should be off during the day and on at night, while interior lights in different areas should go on and off to make it look like somebody is moving in the house.

Furthermore, check this guide to know more about different porch light color meanings.


Answers to “What does a green porch light mean” are indispensable knowledge for everyone. It will help you comprehend what your friends and relatives have encountered in other places. Attempt to place green light on your doorway at certain seasons of the year to be a part of the aforementioned celebrations.

Perhaps you have uncovered the green porch light meaning and other associated measures to keep the porch light on with this post. Has this article been helpful? Kindly leave your viewpoints in the comment box and share them with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.

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