How to Hang Two Curtains on One Rod? – 4 Easy Ways

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how to hang two curtains on one rod

Hanging multiple curtains on one rod adds ethereal and airy charm in a plain painted room and displays luxurious appeal when complemented by properly installed rods and other curtain treatments.

Learning to hang double curtains on one window can be a simple and effective solution to mix or layer different curtain styles for improved look and functionality.

Also, having guidance and creative ideas on how to hang two curtains on one rod saves you from creating awkward visuals and boosts your confidence in the application process. Continue reading for more useful suggestions.

Curtain Setup with One Rod

Setting up curtains on one window should not be that difficult. Let’s start with the following setup.

1. Curtain and Sheers


One of the most well-liked curtain designs is to layer curtains with sheers. The lightweight and transparent characteristics of the sheer framed by the solid curtains on the sides spread a cheerful ambiance to a wide space room.

This setup offers a line of privacy while viewing the outside world. Also, it filters the brightness of light coming inside the room.

2. Curtain Sets in One Rod


Arranging two sets of curtains on one window allows a symmetrical and streamlined appearance, especially when the panels are properly spaced and balanced. It also gives full control to the brightness entering the house’s inside space.

Using four curtains on one rod results in a billowy feature that adds more depth and a better impression to the window surface. This dissolves a traditional flat surface which could be boring over time.

3. Multiple Curtains in One Rod


Having a small window allows you to put two curtains on one rod easily.

However, it is a different story when we talk about wider and taller windows. It takes a keen eye for details to pull it through, much more so when dealing with different types of fabric, patterns, and colors.

This approach presents a cost-effective solution for enhancing the overall aesthetic of a space while minimizing the number of curtain accessories needed.

When layering multiple curtains on one rod, it is essential to properly distribute the weight of the curtains to prevent sagging or bending of the rod.

Ways to Hang Two Curtains on One Rod


The way you hang curtains could either show an awful display or turn the room into a mesmerizing place to stay. To achieve the latter, mimic what interior designers do, the general rules are:

  • Place the curtain rod at least two-thirds above the window frame to create the illusion of taller ceilings.
  • A rod measurement should be 8 -12 inches longer than the window’s width. This gives 4-6 inches of space on both sides of the window frame for curtains when pulled on the sides.

The great combination of multiple curtain sets, and curtains and sheers on the same rod can be done in various ways. Here are the popular ways to do so:

1. Rod Pocketing Method


Rod pocketing offers the most traditional way of bringing two different curtains on one rod. It is done by slipping the rod onto the curtain and sheer pockets to convey a casual style into the living space.

This method offers the most economical and simplest way of hanging light-reducing curtains without a double rod involved. Placing a solid curtain on both sides of the rod with the sheers in between leaves a breathtaking view of the outside while keeping privacy in place.

However, though this method promises an absolutely stunning outside view, it does not allow a total blocking of light since the sheer placed in the middle prohibits the total closure of the two solid curtains.

2. Grommet Method


The grommet method is the easiest and most convenient way of placing curtains on curtain rod. However, it exclusively caters grommet curtains with built-in eyelets or the ringed panels.

This method can be done effortlessly. Just feed the eyelets of curtains and sheers on the rod, arrange the curtain waves, and that’s it!

It’s ready to display a neat, fresh, and elegant curtain fashion.

3. Clipping Method

You may also use clippings for sheers and drapes to get the fusion of a bright and dark room at any time you want. Below is a practical way on how sheers and drapes could be layered together to come up with a cohesive combination.

Step 1: Alternate the grommet curtain and two clip rings in a rod.


Step 2: Clip the upper liner of the sheer curtain evenly on the available clips in between the drapes.


Step 3: When both sheers and drapes are perfectly clipped, adjust the placing and position for a wavy look.


Step 4: For a secure finish, place one eyelet of the curtain on the other side of the curtain brackets to prevent the double up curtain from sliding all the way to the center of the rod.

4. Hook Method

Hook method uses hooks to connect curtains on the curtain rings or attach sheers on drapes to exhibit double layer curtains on the window frame.

Here is how it is done:

Step 1: Lay the curtain face down on a clean flat surface.

Step 2: Insert the sharp edges of the hooks under the stitches on the backside of the pleats until only the hooks are visible.

Step 3: Attach the hooks on the curtain rings.

Step 4: Insert the hooks on the sheer curtain and the remaining solid curtain panel. If the sheer does not have pleats, you need to evenly attach the hooks to the liner.

Step 5: Place the sharp side of the hooks from the sheer to the top seam of the solid curtain or drapes.

Step 6: Your layered curtains and sheers on one rod are ready.

You may still hang sheers and curtains without a rod, spice up your creativity and use rope or wire with clip rings to hold the sheers and curtains together. Design and paint them to match the interior design if necessary.

Meanwhile, choosing a tension rod to hang two shower curtains is a better choice rather than conventional curtain rods. This is capable of holding lightweight curtains and can stand high humidity in the comfort room.

Other Rod Options

1. Double Rod


Double curtain rod consists of heavy duty thin and thick rod joined together by a bracket. The thinner rod is made adjacent to a wall and its purpose is to hold the lighter curtains. The thick one which is placed in the outer part holds the heavier window treatment like draperies.

Double rod curtain ideas bring a more relaxed vibes on the curtain status as you can layer different types of curtains on your windows without the crampy thick visual.

Double hang curtains can be achieved by attaching a lightweight curtain sheer on the thinner rod. Then, place the block out curtain on the thicker rod for a clean finish.

2. Multiple Rod


This charming curtain hardware allows you to display multiple sets of curtains on a single window. It consists of three flexible rods mounted on a single bracket or a tracking system that can amazingly hold the weight of all the curtains and drapes hanging on it.

Multiple rods offer greater versatility regarding the curtain types to be hung, the number, and the layer applied on the curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should curtains and sheers be the same length?

Curtains and sheers do not need to be the same length; generally, curtains are longer by an inch or half an inch than sheers. Curtain and sheer designs combine long curtains and sill-length sheers, especially on small windows.

Do I need sheers with curtains?

You may or may not need sheers with curtains. It depends truly on your preference. But having both of them on your wide windows gives more benefits.

Not only does it soften the light coming in and add a lovely view on the inside, but it also offers the ambiance of the outside world with privacy in place, thanks to the sheer curtains.

How do I layer blinds and curtains?

Generally, when layering blinds and curtains together, the blinds would always be adjacent to the window and then covered by the curtain. When the blind comes with a pattern, it should be adorned with a plain curtain and vice versa.

The curtain rod should also match both blinds and curtains. It should not overshadow their design and color. Neutral-colored rods like black and white are paired with classic curtain designs while a modern style may go with brass, silver, and gold.


Overall, learning how to hang two curtains in one rod integrates customization, saves space, and allows you to showcase your creativity in bringing the best out of layering curtains.

Also, the basic setup mentioned in this article serves as a guide to hang two curtain rods on one window or using multiple rods in one window to enhance the look and functionality of the window treatments.

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