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IBI/HB ARCHITECTS | THREE HARBOUR GREENThree Harbour Green represents the last tower to be developed in this corner of Coal Harbour, an area of the city that houses numerous residential towers of architectural excellence in the last decade. This crown jewel completes a three-tower scheme, overlooking Stanley Park, the north shore mountains, and fronting 7 acres of waterfront park space.


© Bob Matheson

The tower is the tallest of the three Harbour Green towers, at 33 storeys and 125 meters. IBI/HB Architects noted that the building had two “personalities” as a dividing line between the office towers of the east, and the new residential towers of the west. As such, the Three Harbour Green’s eastern façade is austere and minimalist as a pure curtain wall. The west side is more complex, rendered as a series of stone-clad boxes hanging off the building, or ‘sky gardens’. At the 8th storey, the building terraces down to provide a more defined street wall along the building’s main frontage.


© Bob Matheson

The building material features an interplay of glazing and stone veneer, while the landscape materials at the building’s base are consistent with the quality and colour of the tower itself. Public art by Jill Anholt of Urban Art Management completes the project at the site’s busy southeast corner. With such a rich public realm surrounding the site, the landscape was the biggest challenge. Working with Philips Farevaag Smallenberg Landscape Architects, the final solution creates an interface that is seamless with its environs, with sensitively designed townhouse units facing the street, and a minimalist lawn on the tower’s north façade that does not impede the dramatic views of the sea, sky, and mountains.


© Chiharu Matsunaga

IBI/HB innovatively satisfied both the developer and City’s wishes given such a highly auspicious site. While maximizing both the building height and area requirements given its comprehensive rezoning, IBI/HB was able to satisfy the City’s wish to preserve the waterfront public realm by minimizing the impact of the shadow of the tower and creating a seamless landscape interface. These innovations resulted in delivering a building befitting the architectural excellence of Coal Harbour.

Three Harbour Green incorporates several sustainable technologies:

• Extensive landscaping mitigates heat island effect
• Nearby transit connection provides alternate transportation options
• Low VOC content in carpets, cabinets, paints and other finishes
• High performance window wall with low-e glazing
• Passive solar design strategies are achieved through building massing and solar shading devices
• Low external light pollution strategy
• Low flow fixtures and energy efficient lighting and appliances


© IBI/HB Architects

IBI Group is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm offering services in four areas of practice: Urban Land, Facilities, Transportation, and Intelligent Systems. Over the past 39 years we have grown steadily and now have 86 offices throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We employ over 3,100 professionals internationally including architects, traffic and transportation engineers, land planners, LEED accredited professionals, public consultation/approval specialists, interior designers, landscape architects, and project managers.

Bio of Designer: James Hancock

James Hancock is Director of Design at IBI/HB Architects (a member of IBI Group) and is an Architect who is a highly respected designer of high density residential, mixed use, and hotel projects. He has been responsible for the design of over 100 towers in Vancouver, Arizona, Minnesota, California, Nebraska, as well as China and Abu Dhabi. He has served as Chairman of the Vancouver Design Panel, and advisor to the Development Permit Board, the West Vancouver Design Panel, a guest critic at the School of Architecture at UBC, a member of the AIBC Council, an instructor in the RAIC Syllabus Program, and coordinator for the Canadian Architectural Certification Program in British Columbia, as well as an oral examiner for interim architects seeking registration. He became a Fellow of the RAIC in 2002.

Location: 1105 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, Canada
Architects/Designers: IBI/HB Architects
Client: ASPAC Developments
Official name of the project: Three Harbour Green
Project manager: Ledcor Construction
Design team: James Hancock
Structural engineers: Jones Kwong Kishi
Mechanical engineers: Yoneda & Associates
Electrical engineers: Nemetz and Associates
Landscape architect: Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
Contractor: Ledcor Construction
Project end date: March 2012
Additional Data
Area: 23,730 sq. m
Height (to tip): 125.95 m
Number of floors: 33
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