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“Pixel Pro was an attempt at shaping dynamism and the new LED technology represents a step towards defining the future of lighting design. The design expresses a highly innovative content, results of studies and strong decisions. Thought for applications with the aim of giving to the light source a value of beauty, character and emotion, maintaining awareness of consumption. The product integrates into the poetics of lightness: the fluid and smooth line distinguishes itself defining the space, with character and elegance. The design was created with careful and accurate aesthetic study, which translates into a refined product in the richness of its details. Without forgetting the version with conventional sources, Pixel Pro points strongly to innovation with the use of LED technology. The dispersion of heat is controlled through the design of the heat sink: the functional element becomes object of the aesthetic design. Pixel Pro is suitable for all those contexts that require a flexible and structured lighting system, aimed at the enhancement of spaces and products: the chromatic performance is improved, enhancing the tonality of the goods, while the non-issuance of UV and IR does not allow to damage particular sensitive products.” Massimo Iosa Ghini


Technical schedule 

Innovative, flexible and professional, the Pixel Pro recessed projector is the synthesis of formal innovation and sustainable technology. A sinuously shaped design product, which is the result of a careful and thorough reflection of its aesthetic, resulting in the refinement of its details. Pixel Pro has been designed for retail spaces and their requirement for a great deal of light. It fluidly integrates with the space, defining the architectonic features with its light. Pixel Pro is perfect for all situations requiring a flexible and structured lighting system, which can enhance locations and products. The improved chromatic yield heightens the colours of the goods, whilst the lack of UV and IR rays ensures that particularly sensitive objects are not damaged.

Without neglecting the version with conventional sources, such as metal halide versions, Pixel Pro saves energy through the innovative use of LED technology, with emissions from 600 lm to 3000 lm.  The projector can generate a high, and therefore powerful, light beam where the active or passive heat dissipation is controlled through the shell-shaped design of the dissipator: the functional element is transformed into an aesthetic object. The projector finds its formal expression in a recessed down light application, with the possibility of also fitting the wallwasher effect accessories. The extractable body can be doubly orientated to allow rotations inside the false ceilings by 45° in order to hide the projector, and outside the false ceiling by 75° to reach a wider area with the light beam.

Pixel Pro is available in the single version in three diameters or in the “multi-frame” version, from 1 to 3 compartments, for the medium body. All the bodies and the external rims of the frames are available in white and black. All versions are fitted with blocks for aiming and a grip section facilitates orientation.

DesignerIosa Ghini Associates
The technical characteristics of the fittings comply with EN60598-1 standards: - versions with latest generation discharge lamps with integrated electronic control gear (apart from certain HIT – G12 models); versions with high performance optics available (ECA approval)
IP23 for visible body of the fitting after installation
F seal
ENEC approval
Class of insulation I /II
Light Sources: led, metal halide
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