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J. & L. Lobmeyr | Chandelier 6725-L-36 “Metropolitan”

Lighting J. & L. Lobmeyr | Chandelier 6725-L-36 “Metropolitan”, The Metropolitan Family

J. & L. Lobmeyr | Chandelier 6725-L-36 “Metropolitan”, The Metropolitan FamilyThe Metropolitan Chandelier was designed by Hans Harald Rath for the Metropolitan Opera in New York. We were awarded the contract to deliver the chandeliers by the Republic of Austria as a donation in gratitude for the United States aid in the European Recovery Programme. The inspiration to this design was supplied by the Architect of the Met, Edwar K. Harrisson who presented pictures of distant galaxies. As a first prototype to present the design the family myth reports of a potato with tooth picks. After over 40 years this line is still our best seller. (Image shows variant 6725-L-30 with dia. 160 cm.)


Designer: J. & L. Lobmeyr
Design: Hans Harald Rath, 1963; Modern Dia.: 180 cm, H.: 90 cm; Weight: 75 kg
Material: Brass, Swarovski and hand cut crystal;
Finish: Nickel
Lights: 36 x E14; Max. Wattage: 2160 W
Special requests: Metal parts in different finishes, sputnik elements in different colour or metal finish, elliptical layout
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