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2422225043_11ed2c6d35_oEarly 2004, the private commissioners Dick and Hanneke bought a splendid 1200m2 lot adjacent to the Kosterijweg in the centre of Eelde, The Netherlands. The original building on the plot was ancient little farmhouse in deplorable state, that had to be demolished.

Requirement and desires: The location as one of the oldest streets in centre of Eelde was the main interest of Hanneke and Dick. The old trees on the premises were to be left untouched.


2422240455_07020506d7_oDick insisted on a single free standing volume on the site, allowing traffic around the building. A garage was not part of the requirements, a bicycle storage was. The residence should be light and harmonious. Hanneke teaches piano, this required a separate infrastructure for students. In addition she wished the piano to be interchangeable between teaching room and living, Dick however wanted to preserve privacy during lessons.



2422205951_6fbe6b5334_oDue to Hanneke’s and Dick’s  busy social life, the dwelling should be hospitable: a official front door for salesman and a informal entrance for family and friends. Also, enjoying the morning sun must be made possible. Both Hanneke and Dick were attached to sufficient storage space, although Dick explicitly did not want an attic. On the first floor not less than 4 bedrooms had to be realised, in case all three sons were to pass by. At last, Hanneke would like to have a shared balcony for the bedrooms.


2422180475_d6535b7887_oModus operandi: From the beginning, JagerJanssen aimed at preserving the character of the village street. It should be a modern dwelling with respect for the past. By maintaining the original footprint and the typical fold in the roof, JagerJanssen searched for a connection. In the materialisation a link with the neighbouring farmhouses, church, museum and the other dwellings of the Kosterijweg would be established.


2423001570_1c98bb9964_oThe Design: The result is a brick volume, penetrated by a box which seems to have fallen into the main mass. The brick house is kept pure and abstract by continuing the bricks onto the roof. The gutters are subtracted from the brick mass and sealed by a metal lattice. For the transition from ascending to sloping brickwork on the roof, JagerJanssen have applied braided masonry. A proved historical solution, which can be frequently observed in the surrounding area. Service functions like bathrooms and toilets are located in the brick volumes, as well as the bicycle storage and Hanneke’s instruction room.


2423011946_228ded8285_oThe rectangular box contains all living spaces. The two sleeping rooms to the garden side share a balcony. The dwelling shelters several intriguing vistas and views. From the master bathroom the church spire is visible, and the shower and master bedroom share a natural roof light.

Location: Kosterijweg 20, 9761 GE EELDE, The Netherlands
Architect: JagerJanssen architecten BNA
Design Team: ir. Alex Jager, architect; ir. Rogier Janssen, architect
Assistants: Marijn Boterman
Advisors: MADAR Delft [construction]
Solke Abbring [climate installations]
Contractors: ir. Marcel van der Sluis
Photography: Rob ‘t Hart
Clients: Hanneke & Dick Jager
Function: Private dwelling
Gross Area: 220 m2
Cost ca. 250.000 euro
Building period: 10 months
Finished: march 30, 2007
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