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James Law Cybertecture | AMC Pacific Place

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James Law Cybertecture International and Broadway Theatre Co Ltd. unveiled the first Cybertecture cinema, AMC Cinema Pacific Place, on 9 December 2006.
James Law Cybertecture International is the architect and conceptual designer behind the newly renovated, state-of-the-art cinema complex situated at the L1 Floor of Pacific Place.
Tipped as one of Asia’s most technologically-advanced cinemas, James Law Cybertecture International incorporates never-seen before solutions to his latest design. The ticketing box is no longer enclosed in a conventional glass box, but is more akin to modern sculpture or the lobby of a chic boutique hotel, protruding outwards to skilfully incorporate the technology used to issue tickets. The cinema’s design has been configured so that the moment patrons enter, they will be transported to a totally new cinema experience.
AMC Pacific Place is markedly different from traditional cinemas with its interpretation of kinetic spatial design which serves to blur the lines between form and function.
Inside, the walls of the Cybertecture cinema comprises sculptural, organic shapes moulded together to form a U-shaped corridor, creating a journey of discovery at the entrances of each cinema auditorium.
An aerodynamic ceiling with a metallic coating carries a river-like pattern which is carried throughout the foyer of the cinema. The same pattern is also reflected on the floor featuring thin stainless steel embedded into the floor to give a directional glance for the audiences to the auditorium. Each theatre offers movie goers the ultimate in design and luxury.
The auditorium entrance is marked by a scribed number set into the wall that is lit by LED lighting, with all facets of signage reinterpreted as part of the architecture.
The six auditoriums have a capacity for over 600 cinema-goers. AMC Pacific Place boasts Hong Kong’s best three-way SRD-EX audio system for crystal clear sound reproduction. Comfort has clearly been considered throughout the cinema’s design as each theatre has been upholstered with sumptuous French leather seats; and to top it off, it is the only cinema in town with all-in-one washrooms to guarantee the utmost comfort and privacy.
The VIP theatre provides seats for 39 and is the ultimate venue for intimate corporate receptions and private parties. All seats measure a generous 1.2 metres in width with plenty of leg room to spare. The VIP room creates a luxurious space that is clean and modern in design and feel.
Those in search of refreshments can head to the cinema’s refreshment bar where a wide choice of freshly imported cheeses from England and Denmark, quality olives and a variety of desserts are served. oviegoers will also have a choice of more than 10 types of mineral water, from Italy, the U.S., France, and Switzerland, available at the specially-designed Aqua Bar, the first of its kind in Hong Kong.
James Law said “I have merged art and technology together as architects in the 21st Century have become more focused on the importance of integrating sophisticated lifestyle-touches into their design than ever before. Our aim is to create an environment that works in tandem with delivering end-users with a space that is technologically astute.
AMC Pacific Place is a breakthrough project in design as the use of Cybertecture here provides audience with the ultimate in comfort and luxury. We will continue our ambition in fusing technology with state of- the-art architecture with our designs.”

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