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James Law Cybertecture | EA Peak

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Electronic Arts – the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company and video game developer had announced to bring a thrilling new experience to Hong Kong.  The project is a revolutionary retail experience for EA located in the new Peak Tower of The Peak in Hong Kong Island.  Entitled the EA Experience, the project is going to be a local and tourist draw for people to experience EA gaming and products in a Cybertecture way.  New virtual reality and immersion devices will allow the public visiting the project to go beyond the console.The design of the store was influenced by the image of a spacecraft landed on the mountain top.  This is expressed with the main emersion egg spaceship structure and a series of aliens like game kiosks and game pods.

The space of the store is formed with two main levels and an intermediate game platform inside the egg.  As the concept is to provide a weightlessness and mysterious atmosphere, spaces of the store are connected with light weight sky bridges and stairs.  With the incorporation of with LED dots wrapped around the egg, acting as a light source, it enables the store to express different mood by changing colours as well as an information display.

The store is a new kind of architecture that brings human experience in balance with technology.  It is divided into different zones to provide different experiences to the visitors. Several key Cybertecture elements including:

1.EA Emersion Egg – A large 8 meter tall egg structure with LED pixel skin and animatronics stage allows for people to participate in shows, competitions, and concerts as if inside a virtual space of gaming.
2.EA Game Pods – A series of intelligent game pods allows couples to play games in their own pod space.
3.EA Driving Pods – An immersion driving experience for dual players allows drivers to play driving games with the added experiences of being in a cockpit and motion enhancement effects such as wind and sound.
4.EA Sims Zone – Imagine creating your own Sims character and inhabiting a gaming zone with them in real scale whilst playing the Sims game.
5.EA Photo Capture – Using green screen technology, visitors can immerse themselves into the world of their favorite Sims characters and then send the images to their friends around the world.
6.EA Interactive Digital Carpets – Interactive video projection on floors create virtual games for people to play as they walk on the surface.
7.EA Online Game Kiosk – Choose your favorite games to download and buy from an online kiosk system.
8.EA Driving Circuit – Race with your friends on driving circuits around the world.

The EA Experience is the first Cybertecture hybrid retail experience store for EA in the world. It will be a stunning piece of design merged with a sensational and out of this world retail gaming experience that will make it the talk of the town and must go location at the Peak Tower in Hong Kong, where gamers can play and purchase a multitude of EA games and accessories in an interactive and innovative environment.

Location: Peak Tower, The Peak, Hong Kong
Architect: James Law Cybertecture International

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