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James Law Cybertecture | Sky Garden Tower

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The Sky Gardens Tower is a Cybertecture apartment tower located in Abu Dhabi which is a 33 floors building containing 3 podium floors and 196 apartments and penthouses equipped with Cybertecture technologies. This Tower is designed as a premium iconic residential tower that will contribute to the strategic location and beauty of the Eshraq site as well as play a role in defining the architecture of a new kind of pleasant residential tower.

The Sky Garden Tower is design to be a unique piece of architecture that makes a modern and sensible statement in a cost effective approach. The tower is based on a conventional grid of columns that suspend both modular architectural box and sky garden. Different compilation of these boxes can match the budget and apartment mix.

The Sky Garden Tower stands facing the sea as well as facing downtown Abu Dhabi. The Sky Gardens Tower is state of the art residential tower comprising of condominiums over various sizes stacked in a series of architectural boxes that creates the effect of sky gardens in three segments of the building.

Due to the site constraints, only one side of the tower is facing the sea which is much more valuable. In order to maximize building potential, a jagged floor plate is designed to allow every unit with views to the ocean as well as having balconies.

The jogged floor plate results in jogged boxes. Random jogged façade conceived as a common language in this tower. The jagged facade, meanwhile, is an expression of its functional difference and identities.

Three sky gardens in between the architectural boxes reinforce the relationship with the ocean, integrating the building into the existing environment with water and green elements.  At each of the three sky gardens, there are a set of duplex apartments, which have its own gardens and swimming pool. Environmental features include green landscaping, sun shading and elevated refuge for residents to enjoy the natural scenery of Abu Dhabi.

The vertical stacking of highly desirable living elements that breaks the conventional tower massing of other building. The architectural boxes contain condominiums ranging in size from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom apartments.

At the base of the tower on top of the podium is a beautiful terrace clubhouse with a large communal swimming pool and sun deck facing the ocean, whilst at the back of the building; penthouse unit on the podium have private gardens with Jacuzzis and belvederes as well as green landscaping.

The podium comprises of two levels of car parking with another two complementary car parks in two levels of basement. Cybertecture Security is installed to ensure high security standard.

On the ground floor of the tower, the podium contributes to the Eshraq waterfront by providing alfresco ready retail and restaurant shop spaces that can be seamlessly joined to the promenade.

Location: Plot S4, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Architect: James Law Cybertecture 
Local Architect: Architectural Consulting Group
Structural Engineer: Architectural Consulting Group
Client: Plus Properties
Type: Residential
Height: G+33
Total GFA: Approx.25,500 sqm
Completion: End of 2010

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  • Courtney Harold

    I’ve been trying to find out more about this beautiful place but I can’t seem to find much. Mostly only pictures. Is there any way I could find out more? Is this place up, running, and able to be lived in?

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