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James Law Cybertecture | The Pad (Formerly iPad)

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How intelligent are we going to be in the 21st Century? How will technology impact our lives? How can we live more empowered lives and be connected to the world? How can we live in a revolutionary new automated way, that will bring what is important in our lives into perspective? The Pad Tower is the answer.

The Pad Tower is the world’s first Cybertecture Apartment Tower located in Dubai’s Business Bay, and scheduled for completion in 2010. The Pad Tower embodies the vision of Omniyat Properties and our vision of “Living the Future” is brought to life. The Pad Tower, with its architecture and technology designed by James Law of James Law Cybertecture International, is a piece of Cybertecture, a symbiotic mix of technology, architecture, interior design and software. Cybertecture being the new 21st Century approach to designing and building our world where human experiences are enhanced through both space and technology.

The Pad Tower is conceived as the world’s most interesting and young living building. It is meant to be where the “in” crowd would live, young people who know how to get the most out of life, and out of the technology they use, and it is also a wonderful life of possibilities where the boundaries of your home are unlimited through the integration of technology.

The Pad Tower is a 26-floor building containing over 231 intelligent apartments with more than half looking over the picturesque Business Bay area of Dubai whilst the remaining looking towards the center piece of Dubai, the Burj Dubai Tower. Within The Pad, there will be a compilation of different size apartments, ranging from studio apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, to studio lofts, 1 bedroom lofts and 2 bedroom lofts.

The Pad Tower has an efficiency of over 87% representing one of the highest in Dubai, and has been sold at rate higher than any equivalent conventional apartment representing one of the highest returns on investment of any newly designed building in Dubai.

The Pad Tower is a truly unique proposition, the first Cybertecture of its kind for a totally integrated residential building targeted to be the trendiest and well-known residential building in Dubai as well as the world. It will embody the spirit of technology and optimistically look to the 21st Century as a new lifestyle for the up and coming crowd of The Pad Tower. The Pad Tower is truly the Cybertecture that leads you to “Live the Future”.

Cybertecture Technologies

Each apartment in The Pad is intelligent and has its own Cybertecture to provide a unique “Living the Future” experience. Everything from communications, entertainment, shopping is covered by the Cybertecture of the apartment. Some of the technologies include:

iReality – Your apartment will have virtual reality projection linking it to different locations around the world in real time.

• iHealth – Technology will be built in your apartment bathroom for you to check your weight, blood pressure and temperature.

• iAmbience – Your home can respond to different communications without the typical ring tone by the change of colour of lighting for emails, sms and phone calls.

• iEntertainment – A large collection of music and karaoke as well as video on demand will be available to inhabitants to choose from.

• iVoice – Voice command will be available to command many of the functions of The Pad.

• iSecurity – No more need for keys. Inhabitants will have RFID/proximity tags which will automatically lock and unlock doors.

• iCustomization – You can customize the look of your home, even the wall panels of your apartment in the
common corridors.

• iMessaging – You can broadcast your own message on the outside of your apartment or around the common areas of The Pad.

• iArt – The Pad has an iArt server which you can subscribe to and update your home with the art of your choice.

• iToggle – Your home at The Pad will be controlled via a revolutionary iToggle that will make it simple and intuitive to command.

• iRotation Room – The unique feature of a rotating living and dining room will give a continuous and wonderful view of the Dubai area.

• iWalls – Mechanical walls that can be automatically opened to allow spatial link between bedroom and living room.

• iFamily – By plugging up the iFamily device, your Pad will be seamlessly linked by video to your family. What a nice way of staying in touch!

• iPod Dock – Dock your complimentary iPod into your The Pad home, and the music can be controlled by the home for your entertainment.

The technologies and functions melt into the home to create a seamless and easy living way so that you enjoy the space, your home and the technology without any alienating feeling – a truly new and young way of living.

In the podium of The Pad Tower, the iSpa designed around the theme of digital water, real water and digital projections will create a complex of facilities including:

• iMedia Jacuzzi – Jacuzzi equipped with water proof touch screens for you to watch movies.

• iUnderwater Concert – Swimming underwater will no longer be boring, you can play your own choice of music.

• iDeck Chairs – Using ultrasonic speakers, you can listen to your own music without disturbing others.

• iGym – Equipped with the latest high tech gym from around the world.

• iOxygen Bar – For your relaxation and rejuvenation.

• iSwimming Deck – An amazing overhanging swimming deck that will be suspended over the promenade of Business Bay.

On the ground floor of The Pad will be a flourishing niche retail area which will be filled with restaurants and shops, as a vibrant promenade style entertainment strip.

Architect: James Law Cybertecture
Location: Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Status: under construction
Anticipated Completion Date: 2010

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