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Jardin de Ville for ENO | LA PLANCHA®

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ENO, a French company, is launching LA PLANCHA® in North America: A true revolution in outdoor cooking.

LA PLANCHA® is a cooking appliance composed of a smooth enamelled cast-iron surface for searing foods – a cooking method that preserves their flavour through caramelization of juices. This “cooking by contact” style has been growing in popularity for a number of years in France, as it meets consumers’ culinary expectations: rapid cooking, delicious taste, healthy fat-free dishes, and easy to clean.

14891-preview_low_688-4_14891_sc_v2comCurrently used by many chefs throughout Europe, LA PLANCHA® has landed in North America – and at Jardin de Ville in Québec – and is catching on fast because of all the advantages it offers. The great chefs see LA PLANCHA® as an essential tool for producing tasty, light dishes.

LA PLANCHA® takes outdoor cooking to new heights. By uniting ergonomics and healthy eating, design and high-quality materials, LA PLANCHA® is defined as the art of gourmet cooking simplified in the garden, on the balcony, or even on the aft deck of a boat. Made for sharing pleasure, LA PLANCHA® brings cook and guests together around a festive feast.

14890-preview_low_688-4_14890_sc_v2comAdvantages of LA PLANCHA®

- Healthy, diet-conscious fat-free cooking thanks to the sheet of enamelled cast iron (no contact with flame).

- Delicious results thanks to the appliance’s heating power (680° F): foods are seared – crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside – and keep their taste and visual appeal. You will reach the Maillard reaction after 13-14 minutes of preheats.

Plancha ENO- Easy and inventive cooking: you can cook anything, from meats, vegetables, fish, and seafood to fruit (casseroles and double-boiling), and the appliance is ready for cooking very quickly (heats in 5 minutes).

- Quick, easy cleaning with water and no toxic detergents (ENO advocates the use of Plancha Cleaner, a 100% natural clay-based product).

- People-friendly cooking: unlike a barbecue, LA PLANCHA® brings people together because there is no unpleasant smoke to avoid. Everyone can participate and make taste gourmet recipes.

Plancha ENO- No loss of productivity as two courses can be cooked in rapid succession after a simple deglazing.

Because the cooking appliances, designed and manufactured by ENO for LA PLANCHA®, are sturdy and reliable, many professionals have adopted them:

- Thick (7 mm) cast-iron sheet, moulded with high anti-spatter rim. Cast iron is a very strong material that does not warp and ensures optimal heat distribution.

Plancha ENO- Smooth cooktop thanks to multilayer enamel: made with a century’s experience and know-how, the LA PLANCHA® enamel lets you cook all types of foods and follow one dish with another because the enamel does not retain odours. Because it is waterproof, it protects the cast-iron surface from oxidation and makes cleaning easy.

- High-precision burners: perfect heat distribution on the surface at a temperature up to 680° F thanks to the powerful burners (models available: 1, 2, or 3 burners)

- Inclinable surface: LA PLANCHA® adapts to any terrain and the cooking juices drain easily into the grease collector thanks to adjustable back legs.

Chaumet 144- Marine-grade stainless steel frame: corrosion resistant

- Fuelled by propane, butane, or natural gas (kit)

- Product labelled Made in France. Warranty: BVCert.6012057

Chaumet 054- Certified manufacturing process (ISO standard): 100% inspection of gas line; CE and ETL certification of products

- Recommended retail price before taxes, CA$799 to CA$1,199, depending on the model

14900-preview_low_688-4_14900_sc_v2com- Distributed in Canada by Jardin de Ville

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