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How to Keep Curtains Together and Closed? – 3 Ways

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how to keep curtains together and closed

Keeping curtains in place and closed on sides should not be that difficult. There are several traditional, unconventional, and DIY methods to do this. From sewing to curtain clips, and using magnets, these solutions are not only practical but also add a unique touch to curtains’ aesthetic view.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a more permanent solution, this article will help you explore different ways on how to keep curtains together and closed, so your privacy remains intact with a cozy ambiance.

Ways to Keep Curtains Together and Closed

Curtains that keep on slipping away from their place can be annoying! That’s why we continued relentlessly to search for ways to keep beautiful curtains in place, especially in winter and summer.

1. Traditional Method

Curtains have been decorating homes for thousands of years. Sure enough, a compilation of methods to keep curtains together are passed down by tradition in which new ways are anchored. Some of the traditional methods of keeping curtains in their places are:

 01  Sew the Curtains Together

One of the traditional ways to permanently keep the curtains together and close is to sew curtain panels together. To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. Remove the stitches on the side of curtain panels that need to be joined. If the curtains are patterned, arrange the curtains in a way that their design complements each other.
    2. Place the outer sides (side with decors) of the curtains opposite each other. Then, run a stitch on the edge using a sewing machine.
    3. Flip to the inner side (without decors) and run another stitch to the edges that were joined in step 2. This seals the seam of the curtains in between the two stitches.
    4. Your curtains are neatly stitched together and are ready to hang.
 02  Curtain and Binder Clips


Curtain clips and binder clips are also a great option to keep curtains in place on rod. Clip the top side of curtain panel edges in an overlapping manner so that no breakaway space is seen in the middle keeping the privacy of the room intact.

In the case of heavy and thick curtains placed side by side with each other, use binder clips to hold the curtain panels together. Binder clips have different sizes which can be used proportionately to the thickness of the curtains.

 03  Safety Pins


Lightweight curtains are easily blown by the wind. However, when safety pins hold the curtains together, they can withstand the wind and stay in place.

To use the safety pins, overlap the edges of two curtains that are near each other. Insert the safety pins perpendicular to the overlapping edges and make sure the pointed part ends nicely on the safety hook.

The size of the safety pins depends on the thickness of the curtains. When the curtains are thick, use bigger-sized pins so they can keep the curtains tightly together.

2. Unconventional Method

There is also the exciting unconventional method for curtains to remain close together without sewing or doing any needle work. Just use the power of static force to keep the curtains close together.

 01  Pin Curtains Down with Furniture


Sure, you might be blown away by this. But yes! You may use furniture to pin down two pieces of curtains together to keep them shut. Move the table or cabinet tightly against the two curtains pressing them to the wall or window frame.

The two solid objects can amazingly hold the curtains in their places while you find a better way to hold them together.

3. DIY Solutions

Do it yourself methods to join two curtain panels together are on the rise nowadays. DIY gives chances to use hidden skills and a chance to inject personality into a project. Here are some ways you can follow to keep curtains close and together.

 01  Curtains Magnetic Closures


Curtain magnetic closures are popular with DIYers nowadays. Depending on the type and quality of magnets used, it can hold lightweight curtains and thick drapes in place or close together.

Some of the types of magnet used to hold curtains together are the pairs of curtain magnet closure, button magnets inserted on the hemline or edges of curtains, and the magnetic tape which can be stuck on the curtains adjacent sides to keep them close.

    • Button magnetButton magnets are small buttons with strong magnetic force and can penetrate curtain fabric. They are inserted on the hemline or two adjacent curtain edges on the same level.
    • Magnetic Tape – You can cut a pair of magnetic tape, 2 inches each. Then, peel off the paper safely covering the back side of the magnetic tape. Then, stick the magnetic tape in the middle part of adjacent curtain edges. Feel free to add more on the upper portion of the curtain edges if necessary.

 02  Fabric Double-sided Tape

Another amazing hack to putting together curtain panels is using fabric double-sided tape.

    1. Place the double-sided fabric tape on one of the sides nearest to the other curtain you want to join. Ensure that it runs in a straight line.
    2. Take off the paper covering of the other sticky side of the double-sided fabric tape.
    3. Accurately place the other curtain on top of the fabric tape. Press it well so the curtain sticks nicely on the other sticky side of the fabric tape.
    4. You should have the two curtains intact together by now and ready to hang.

Why Should You Keep Curtains Closed?


1. Privacy

Curtains can allow you to spend your time freely by blocking your neighbors’ prying eyes, especially at night. It also serves as a cover against the hot eyes of burglars, especially when located on a busy street.

2. Light Control and Noise Reduction

A close blackout curtain is needed to keep the lights away. Keeping blackout curtains closed can also serve as soundproof for the room. It blocks the noise coming from the window, thereby reducing the noise that disturbs a peaceful sleep.

3. Keep the Heat or Colds Away

Curtains can also serve as an insulator during extreme weather temperatures. The curtains block the hot air and sun’s rays from entering the inner part of the room.

Meanwhile, using thermal curtains covers the window to block the freezing air.

Quick Ways to Block Light From the Window

1. Blackout Curtain

Never underestimate the effectiveness of blackout curtains. They can turn the day into night by blocking the rays of light coming from the windows or doors, specially placed in bedrooms or other sleeping areas to encourage deep sleep any time.

2. Blanket

When the blackout curtain is out of the choice, hang the quilt or thick blanket on your window.

3. Cardboard

Cardboard is also helpful in blocking the lights on windows and doors. Cut the window size on cardboard and paste it on the window frame using duct tape.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right curtain closure method for my curtains?

The right curtain closure method always depends on preference, whether you want to use traditional or unconventional methods or DIY so long as the curtains can be together.

However, you should know that the curtains’ thickness affects the materials’ holding capability. Light curtains can accommodate button magnets and pins. However, thicker curtains need sturdier materials like binder clips and stronger and higher-quality magnets to hold them close together.

Will curtain weights or closures damage my curtains overtime?

No, using appropriate weights or closure in a controlled environment should not damage curtains over time. These are placed on lightweight curtains to prevent the wind from blowing harshly. Though certain curtain weights or closures may leave marks over time, it does not mean they are being damaged.

On the other hand, curtains with curtain weights exposed often with strong wind can be damaged in no time due to continued battery taken from the wind.

Can I use these methods with any type of curtain or window treatment?

Yes, you can use any of the methods above. However, common sense would dictate the appropriate size of materials proportionate to the curtain’s weight and thickness. For instance, when the curtain is thick, you may use the clip binder or a big-size safety pin to effectively close them.


Learning how to keep curtains together and closed and quick ways to block lights brings a variety of ideas to choose from. This practical knowledge saves you temporarily or permanently from outside elements that affect your privacy, sleep, and the comfortable living you enjoy inside your home.

Moreover, the methods given are easy to follow, and the materials used are affordable so that they can be applied without worrying about the cost.

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