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LAVA | Green Hollow in Augmented Australia at the virtual Australian Pavilion

Concept & Competition LAVA_JEJU_V02_R2_FINALE

This summer LAVA presented some of their projects based on the ideea “Green is the new black”. “These projects unify the concepts of structure, space and architectural expression to create a unique, limitless experience” as LAVA said.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irvingis renowned for the evocative atmosphere that pervades the imaginations of its inhabitants and visitors. Join this expedition in a Venetian palazzo into the depth LAVA’s imagination, uncovering a layered, topographic structure while discovering information at various scales.

Three mirrored canyons are found in this green hollow and cannot but challenge visitors to take a closer look. These canyons vary, and may provoke and evoke a variety of emotions and optical illusions. A combination of images, geometric patterns, mirrors and plain cardboard offers a visual scenario that can be explored and choreographed by the viewer. Every move creates a new visual perception fusing contextual relationships and dynamic conditions – a trademark of LAVA’s projects.

The installation looks simple and discrete from the outside, only as viewers move closer can they experience the multifaceted inside. The cardboard boxes are stacked squarely at the base but slightly rotated at the top. This rotation combined with mirrors adds complexity to the inside. The integrated mirrors reflect LAVA’s projects while giving a dreamy, surrealist image of the surroundings. The poetical, yet surrealist quality of the mirror has always stirred artists, writers, and other thinkers in their ideas and visions.

The geometric patterns found on the boxes derive their inspiration from natural systems. Rather than purely mimicking shapes in nature LAVA has learned from nature’s own geometrical orders creating highly efficient structures and intriguing spaces.

Featured inside the hollow are some of LAVA’s keygreen projects: a research and innovation campus for KACST in Riyadh, the mixed-use development THE: SQUARE in Berlin, Bonn’s Green Climate Fund and the Jeju Island resort in Korea.

Sustainable Knowledge Campus. King Abdulaziz City of Science Technology (KACST) Riyadh

The master plan for KACST sets out a vision for a state-of-the-art research and innovation campus in Saudi Arabia. Key elements of the master plan passive design strategy are the reduction of heat loads, an innovative shading system and night skycooling.

LAVA / Kacst, Saudi Arabia

At the core of the master plan is the headquarter building, a site-specific, energy-efficient, flexible 20-storey office tower. This new type of office building will define KACST within the city skyline and is adapted to climate and culture. A group of stacked atria provides light deep into the structure and supports communication via views both horizontally and vertically while the core becomes a shading device facing east and west.

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, LAVA used a voxel program distribution for the design and arrangement of the office spaces. The flexible design provides specific office qualitieson each floor. The integration of building mass, energy consumption and user interaction has created a forward-looking high-rise design that demonstrates that the right environment not only encourages productivity and efficiency, but also promotes creativity and ideas.

LAVA Architects / KACST

Life-Nature-Sport. The Square3 Berlin

THE SQUARE3, a mixed-usedevelopment by Moritzgruppe, combines three mixed-use towers above a common plinth and three city blocks. The project is just nine minutes from the centre of Berlin, and revitalises a unique urban quarter. Located near Europe’s largest urban nature reserve and the largest German Olympic training grounds, the project is themed around ‘LIFE’, ‘NATURE’ and ‘SPORT’.

LAVA_moritzgruppe TheSquare3 F_Bird_s Eye

The three towers of varying heights with Olympic themed metallic facades of gold, silver and bronze are tapered to maximise sunlight, views and ventilation. Offices for sports companies and clubs, apartments, a medical and research centre, sports education facilities, a sports hotel (specifically for athletes) and a sports-focused shopping mall at ground level all encircle a green piazza.

TheSquare3 /  LAVA /  Moritz Gruppe

Rhine Valley Office. Green Climate Fund Bonn

LAVA_GCF_Entrance Night_MIR

The Federal Republic of Germany’s proposal to host the Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund in the City of Bonn included LAVA’s design for the headquarters –‘an ecological model project’. The future Green Climate Fund building was to be situated in an idyllic setting along the Rhine River and offer ideal working conditions for approximately 300 Green Climate Fund officials.

LAVA_GCF_Interior Entrance_MIR

The vision for international climate protection was also to be realised in the building itself. The design complied with the latest energy and building ecology standards, meeting the highest demands in terms of sustainability (German gold certificate), ecology and energy efficiency (net zero energy).

 Leisure Mountain. Island Resort Jelu

A mountainous volcanic island houses a hotel designed as another landform. ‘Valleys and canyons’, generated as a topological structure, form 2000 rooms around a terracing facade and atrium. The atrium spaces connect to form a continuous green landscape throughout the hotel and link to a beachfront forest. A cinema, restaurants, aquarium, waterfront promenade and marina seamlessly interact with a continuous shopping and retail experience.


The residential canyons extend the idea of a year-round immersive destination into a series of semi-outdoor spaces that combine leisure, shopping and relaxation in a unique space. Three “crater” atria distinguish three hotel components -business, family and entertainment- and give each of them a dramatic and unique vertical space.

Architect: LAVA
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