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MARMOMACC | Best Communicator Award 2011

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The Best Communicator Award is one of the most sought-after by all companies taking part at Marmomacc: right from its inception, it has rewarded show set-ups that through their design best highlight and convey the potential and prospects of stone materials.

The Award has allowed to focus attention on specific aspects in exhibition activity, such as coherence with the particular features of the material itself, sustainability, fruition and innovation associated with technological aspects and economic and expressive impact.

The Jury – architect Livio Salvadori President, journalist of Casabella; Mauro Albano, Brand manager of Marmomacc; Luisa Bocchietto architect, president of ADI; Aurelio Magistà professor at La Sapienza University of Rome, journalist of La Repubblica; Enrico Morteo historian and design critic as well as Curator of the Historical Gold Compass Collection – decided to reward five companies and make three special mentions.

Citco with the project by Ferruccio Laviani | The Jury was impressed by the skill governing the meeting between light and material interpreted in all three dimensions to generate unusual and spectacular effects. By overcoming the traditional contract between decoration and function, this project raises form to the status of content in the design.

Cooperativa OperaiCavatori del Botticino with the project by studio Associati Associati architect Ivan Tognazzi  | The Jury is delighted to reward the force of a communication project that simultaneously hides and reveals, using very few elements of incisive chromatic impact to focus attention on the single material, equally presented as a metaphoric visiting card in the form of a useful sample.

Cooperativa OperaiCavatori del Botticino

Franchi Umberto Marmi with the project by the company and the collaboration with the architect Michele Cazzani | The Jury award is made to the continuity of research embracing the project on an urban scale as well as in smaller domestic dimensions. Volumes and surfaces detail a reduced chromatic range in an unexpected multitude of spatial effects and solutions.

Franchi Umberto

Henraux with the project by Craig Copeland | The Jury makes this award on the one hand for the extreme processing virtuosity exhibited through full-scale sculptures; and, on the other hand, for the sobriety of the strictly horizontal setting from which the materials seem to become detached to highlight the intrinsic quality of natural stones and marbles.


Lithos Design with the project by Raffaello Galiotto | The Jury rewards the essential character and coherence of an exhibit project that plays with a single modular component that is repeated to highlight the technical-production and architectural features of the material. Emphasis must be given to the dimensional flexibility of the module capable of ensuring expression in terms of the object and the construction.

Lithos Design

The Jury also wishes to make Off-Competition Mentions of companies Budri with Patricia Urquiola and Pibamarmi with Snohetta – former winners of the Award in 2010 – and the Light & Material exhibition by the company Solubema with Raffaello Galiotto.

For different reasons, these three actions all represent excellence in research and design. Fantasy and rigour, research and history, innovation and tradition: three intensely evocative approaches and food for thought over the potential of the material.


A video of last edition can be seen here: MARMOMACC, 2010.

Location: Verona, Italy
Organizer: VeronaFiere
Period: 21 – 24 September 2011 
Photographer: Alberto Parise
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