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Lighting Kabaz_lifestyle_modular_exterior_03_1358847186

Having your own piece of the great outdoors, no matter how small or how large, makes you feel more at home. These days we are also increasingly customising this outside space in line with our own tastes and the latest trends. Nonetheless, when (re)designing your garden or your bal- cony, remember to think about the lighting first. Because lighting increases security but is also a great way of creating atmosphere. But how to light the different sections in your garden?

Modular_Buzze_ext_02_1366792512There is a big difference between how we experience light at night and during the day. at night, our eyes need less illumination in an outside environment to distinguish between light, shadow and patterns. a bright spotlight on your fa- cade might be good for deterring intrud- ers, but you would be better switching it off for a garden party. By combining various different kinds of lighting, you can create a good mix of atmosphere and comfort at home.

» Basic lighting.
Inside the house, you tend to en- sure that the entire room is illuminated to some extent, but outside this will quickly create the effect of a football pitch by night. However, you should at least install a basic spotlight on your terrace or balcony, which is also important for establishing a sense of security.

Kabaz_lifestyle_modular_exterior_06_1358847269 » Accent lighting.
The very best way to create atmosphere. Think directional lighting, for example to accentuate a tree or an object.

Modular_Buzze_campaign_1369385633 » Functional lighting & orientation lighting.
In specific areas this serves to support important activities, such as clearly illuminating a path. It could also take the form of a gentle, recurring light that indicates a particular route, such as spotlights alongside a swimming pool or driveway.

Modular_George_ext_02_1366792508Comfort and security: Connect your lighting to sensors

Essentially garden lighting creates a greater sense of security. For this reason, the combination of sensors and lighting is ideal. For example, a motion sensor will kick in when it detects movement. When you leave the detection zone, the light will switch itself off again after a while. This is an ideal solution for the front door or in the garden. Not only do the motion sensors ensure greater security and comfort, they also save energy. The light only comes on when required.

1. The Front door & Facade
Lighting at the front door is not just handy for you (to help you find the keyhole) or your visitors, but also makes it possible for you to see who is outside before opening the door. It is a good idea to install a wall fitting on either side of your front door. The ideal height partly depends on the look of your facade, but a height of around 1.8 m is generally advisable as it avoids glare. a directional spotlight above the door is another possible solution.

Modular_Lowie_ext_01_13667924802. Atmosphere on the Terrace

If you like a coordinated look both inside and outside, these days many fixtures can be used inside the house as well as outdoors. Please note: outdoor fixtures are waterproof to a specific level, which is not required for the indoor versions.

United_lifestyle_modular_exterior_01_1389806251For general terrace lighting, wall fixtures should be used in first instance. In addition, you can provide knee-level lighting at the corners of your terrace, for example. don’t forget that insects are attracted to light, so it’s not a good idea to install knee-height lighting next to seating areas. directional spotlights are handy for functional lighting. If you always put the barbecue in the same place on the terrace, it’s a good idea to install a spotlight there. atmosphere can be created using smaller, dimmable fixtures and candles.

Skifv_lifestyle_modular_exterior_023. Lighting the rest of the garden

Bathing your entire garden in a sea of light at night will make it look rather like a football pitch. It’s better to opt for contrast. If you have a relatively deep garden or hedge, do not limit your garden lighting to a single spotlight on the facade, but make sure you provide additional lighting at the bottom of your garden. For example, you could illuminate a tree or an attractive shrub. To do so, choose a fixture with directional spotlights at ankle or knee height.

HitMe_lifestyle_modular_exterior_024. Highlighting paths

A well-illuminated path or driveway creates a greater sense of security. Play with fixtures at different heights to enhance the sense of depth, depending on your planting. Provide orientation lighting with ground-level spotlights along the path. leds are the best choice for this. Firstly, they will probably never need replacing and secondly they produce very little heat, which means you can safely walk across them with bare feet. In addition, knee-high lighting elements are ideal for accentuating specific corners of the path, as well as the beginning and end.

Hipy_67_lifestyle_modular_exterior5. Atmosphere on the Balcony

On a small balcony, the main thing is to make sure that the lighting does not dazzle you. Install your wall lighting a little higher than usual to achieve this. light lines can also indirectly create a great deal of atmosphere. For example, you could hang them under your balustrade, at eye height (when seated). or simply provide some other kind of gentle, atmospheric lighting.

Kabaz_lifestyle_modular_exterior_03_1358847186Exterior lighting trends for 2014

1. We still love a sense of unity, both inside and outside. Various fixtures are suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors. However, remember to use the IP version outdoors, as your fixture must be able to withstand the weather. Examples include duell, Lotis, United, square moon etc.

Kabaz_lifestyle_modular_exterior_01_13588471952. Economical and long-lasting. These days, leds are a hugely popular light source. at Modular, virtually every fixture is available for external use with high-quality leds. This
has several advantages as they are economical, which is useful if you leave the lights on for a long time at night, safe, because they barely emit any heat, and sustainable: you probably won’t have to replace a bulb for thirty years or so.

HitMe_lifestyle_modular_exterior3. An unusual fixture can really be an eye-catcher. Choose one that accentuates the architecture of your home, without being too kitschy. For example, a good choice for a Cubist home would be Boxlite or Gutter, George adds a bit of colour and if you want originality go for skifv, Branch, Hit-me or A(r)mor.

Gutter_lifestyle_modular_exterior_024. Indirect lighting is excellent for creating atmosphere on your balcony or terrace. These light lines never dazzle and will literally highlight the architecture of your home. Choose led versions to keep things economical and practical. Examples include sL micro, Bookled or miniflux.

Kabaz_lifestyle_modular_exterior_04_1358847278Latest designer fixtures by modular lighting instruments

The latest outdoor fixtures by Modular, which all come with energy-efficient led lighting, each have their own identity and are an interesting extension of the existing range. The latest outdoor fixtures are lowie & lowieze, Julien sq uare & round, George and Buzze. For the complete range, please visit www.supermodular.com. On press.kinggeorge.be, you will also find plenty of inspiring images in high resolution.


stately butler

outdoor butler George creates an at- mospheric, indirect light that emanates from the upper housing and glides along the inside. Colourful or plain? The options are endless. and despite its ro- bust cylinder shape, there is something light about George. This is because of the recessed base, which makes George look like it is floating. Finally, George does not mind the rain: thanks to the rounded top all the rain simply flows down this light fixture.

Modular_George_ext_03_1366792462designed by rotorgroup.be.

lowiE & lowiEzE

noble light binoculars

lowie and lowieze are the noble mem- bers of a highly versatile outdoor family. Together, they will turn your garden into a theatrical spectacle, like light binoculars. lowieze (on a stand) and its little sibling lowie (for wall mounting) are perfect examples of form blending with function. The cylindrical bulb housings can rotate fully around the body, which is also a cylinder, and can therefore be used as uplighters or downlighters independently of each other. available with one or two bulb housings.


JUliEn (roUnd & sqUArE)
glamorous solution

every garden has a feature that deserves to be in the spotlight. so why not rely on glamorous lighting to do so? Julien is perfect for the task at hand. It is available in both a round and a square version. Julien with a ground stake is suitable for soft subsoil, and Julien Foot with its fixed mounting plate can be mounted on a wall or hard surface.


mystical lantern

Buzze is a movable and portable luminaire that generates a soft, diffused light. Thanks to the dimmer that is operated using the power button, you can choose the atmosphere of your choice. The Buzze has a sleek design. although this is mainly an outdoor luminaire, it has been finished with the same level of refinement as an indoor luminaire. and if it gets too cold outside, simply take Buzze inside with you to continue an unforgettable evening.

Designer: Modular Lighting Instruments


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