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Mojca Gregorski & Ajda Vogelnik Saje | Sport Hall Kidricevo

Architecture MODULAR arhitekti | Sport Hall Kidricevo


The location is characterised by remarkably flat terrain, noticeable several meters high pines and close presence of workers neighbourhood Kidricevo, designed on the principles of modernistic urban planning (urbanistic plan and architecture made by Fuerst; Plecnik’s student). In 1946 architect Furst became the head of the project for unfinished aluminium factory Talum and worker’s settlement. He planned an ambitious monumental axial concept of modernistic industrial town with all admnistrative, cultural, recreational and service buildings, everything deep in the pine forest..At the end they realised only part of a settlement consisting linear housing blocks. One of the higher qualities of urban plan was to preserve forest and locate blocks on the way that they co exist with the nature. Despite the exceptional urban placement of 20 elongated blocks of flats with their outstanding relation of built structure and surrounding greenery, the settlement not only lacked a public sport programmes but also public open spaces or any other identity centers.

MODULAR arhitekti | Sport Hall KidricevoConcept

The new public building reads topographic characteristics of the location and at the same time takes into consideration before mentioned needs of the neighboring community. The positioning of building’s masses creates several sequences of public and half-public spaces, visually interconnected through a range of transparent surfaces. As a result, it introduces new public places and activity areas to the whole settlement. The object’s micro location is marked by the nearby school and kindergarten as well as the edge of a 5-meter tall pine-tree forest. The building, with its floor-plan reaching 50 by 60 meters and overall height of 12 meters, is partially buried, which results in optical decrease of its noticeably elongated volume. As a result, the object does not dominate the existing school complex and gives the impression of elegance and simplicity. Facade windows and openings are positioned in such a way, that they allow outside observer to see through the building into the nature, giving the impression of de-materialization of the building at the edge of the forest. At the same time, the activities in the building are visible from the outside, which underlines the public character of the object.

MODULAR arhitekti | Sport Hall KidricevoDesign/Programme

The building, while giving the impression of a low and simply designed volume from the outside, surprises with bright and large main sport hall with “futsal” field convertible to several other sport courts. In addition, the object boasts 10 line shooting range, smaller gym hall, dancing hall, smaller and bigger climbing wall and accompanying service areas. Sport hall is attached to grammar school and is also serving as their main sport facility.

Construction/ Materials

Town Kidricevo has been established as workers settlement for factory of aluminium Talum. Aluminium facade of sport hall reflects this important historical fact. Building construction is combination of concrete (elements lower than 0.0m), wood (roof construction) and reinforced prefabricate concrete panels (construction above 0.0m) to ensure fast and efficient realisation (less than 1 year). Materials indoors are reflecting the presence of the nature: mostly “warm” materials such as wood and fabric. Floors are made out of sport parquet and sport gum. Building hosts various users from children, sport professionals, dancers, elderly,…, which need to orientate within building complex as easy as possible. Therefore graphic design and orientation marks are also part of architectural design.

MODULAR arhitekti | Sport Hall KidricevoSustainability

Sport hall as a public building needs to minimize the costs of maintenance. To reduce the heat loss, a system of forced ventilation with heat recuperation (injection of fresh air heated by the exhausted air) has been installed. Positioning of the volume (half underground) helps keeping the temperature and reducing heat loss. The building is energy-efficient and the sport equipment is automatic, controlled with CNS system. Despite the fact that investment (sport hall+additional programmes+surrounding surfaces) did not exceed 4 MIO EUR, building offers high technology and standards.

Location: Kidricevo, Slovenia
ArchitectMODULAR arhitekti | Mojca Gregorski & Ajda Vogelnik Saje
WAF: Entry 2011
Photos: Miran Kambic
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