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Moriq | Duplex Apartment in Lodha, Hyderabad-India

Interiors Lodha-2985

The client had wanted something like authentic classic interiors with opulent feature and focus on carved and detailed work.


Lodha-2955We argued on keeping the opulence and detailed part in and throw out the authentic classic look out. Logic was in today’s time and the given space …… authentic classic will look will out of place(no heights no spaces it just an apartment…mind you and high maintenance and not to mention long execution time and loads of money….. we argued rather to give them what they wanted albeit in a more relatively look subtle/modern. Therefore the patterned floors ,high doors, multi layered vertical treatments, drop lights, mix of modern and classic pieces of furniture, multilayered rugs came in… not to forget the emerald colored walls and the multi pieced mirrored toilets. One can feel/ see the richness of the interiors without putting in a classical slot.


Lodha-2985Two floor plates of 3000 (approx) were integrated with a sharp/simple ‘L’ shaped staircase (designed in metal and wrapped up in black Italian. The other half is in Teak wood to exploit view from this height the 20’ – 0 white sliding existing doors was replaced by two shutters of 10X10 each which will open up completely into the deck and make the deck integrate with the family lounge. A drop screen was designed on the hedge of the deck so that during parties/get together this serves as screen to play music etc.

Lodha-3010Floors were in beige Italians with a custom designed geometric pattern in part areas to give the extra edge.


Lodha-3195The furniture layout was a struggle as after much thought the family lounge was arranged in the center of the lower level and then to give it a space definition a Swarovski glass curtain was used. The wall behind was cladded in stoneer through this area through deck and then a wooden jali was used as a sliding panel. Therefore a multi-layered approach was taken to achieve a sense of clarity in spaces. The master bed room and parent’s and guest rooms are on the lower level apart from the kitchen, dining and the puja.


Lodha-3233Structural constraints not withstanding … a cut out was made for the staircase and a few walls were changed to achieve the final results. The upper level has dedicated state of art home theatre system, sliding door (huge) can open up to make it an open lounge for the young sons and also accessible to views. Apart from the 2 son’s room, there is a study and an office area on this level.


Lodha-3116Furniture is a combination of modern and classic to giving it a fusion look. Lighting establishes a hierarchy creates volumes in the space. Hung pendants add warmth.



Location: Lodha, Hyderabad, India
Firm name: Moriq Interiors & Design Consultants
Chief Consultant: Riyaz Quraishi
Associate Consultant: Mrs. Simeen Quraishi
Area: 7666sft
Photographer: Riyaz Quraishi
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