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n.goyal & associates | The sanctum

Interiors n.goyal & associates | The sanctum

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum
Completed in 2011, housing three generations set amidst the exclusive and effluent neighborhood of Delhi the house of Goplanis marks the street with its exquisite straight lines. In seeking to creatively complement the architectural design of living spaces with the amalgamation of interiors nga makes use of its experience accumulated over 40years to provide the occupants with the warmth of enjoying their modern living. Architect Nitin and wife Ritika under the guidance of their father N.l.Goyal believe in a design which is logical, clear, and simple and has the charisma of detail.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum The clients wanted their own sanctum based on modern trends that is truly functional. The five story house comprises of two individual houses where the lower three floors have the residence divided into three layers and the above two floors have another family duplex unit which would give the client a rental that would also be the benefactor for the future. The valued space at the terrace where accessibility was made easier with the hydraulic elevator gives the residents an area to relax in the winter sun and hold parties . Pertaining to the constrains of the norms of the government with the limited f.a.r to get the final outcome with all the attributes of today was a challenge to the designer.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum The house is compactly planned functional space where three generations are divided into a voluminous space of three floors interlinked by the spinal stairway. The spaces are being characterized by Simplicity of shape and volume as well as emphasis on spatial solutions enhanced by the use of different textures, changing height and management of light. The exteriors exhibit a harmonious and a well-proportioned juxtaposition of masses with the interplay of stone highlighted by the timber pergola. The stairway ascend against the solidity of a mass with its punctured wall casting variant shadows as we move on and has the contrasting illuminated tall frameless glass panels leading to a double volume space ,highlighting the spinal move.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum There is a subterranean basement with a courtyard illuminating the interiors within .Placed here is the living room which transforms the basement into a sanctum where the dining and the seating have been segregated by the affluence of the serene Zen garden under the stairway marking the epicenter with the gracefully carved bar canopied by the frame of timber. The formal seating has the grey travertine fire place against the leathered stone on the base. The wall paper on the ceiling adds a visual texture against the wooden ceiling.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum The placidity is envisaged by the seamless flow through the frameless glass into the wooden decked courtyard where the play of mood and moon light embarks the space exhibiting its tranquility. The frameless glass widens the space beyond thus a dialogue of light, space and nature is evoked. The distinctive square dining is fringed by the leathered stone seating and carved chairs thus formulating a space for social assemblage.. The distinctiveness of the level is further coupled with the den like home theatre ….an addictive get away. A separate formal entry to the living room is marked by the frameless glass on the exteriors which further filters light on the lined black stone. Further on artificial lighting, furniture and art act as a catalyst in the creation of pure, clean warmth of timeless Indian contemporary interiors.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum The duality is evident in the layout where the ground floor is conceptualized as a double volume space. Out here the family lounge, kitchen Puja and senior member’s bedroom co-exist. The first story comprises of the three bedrooms for the second and third generation each with the ensuite bathroom. The family lounge has the textured patterned stone wall of limestone placed in various proportions against the spinal stairway where the railing takes the shape of variant stepping levels carving out a sculptural podium. The kitchen extends to the t.v. lounge with its breakfast counter thus marking the informal setting which has a great deal of usage in our daily lives.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum The bedroom for the sons exhibiting the masculine overtones has the play of wall paper against the  linear beds, ceramic glass cupboard and veneered study. The combinations of the mystic black and white in the elder son’s room and the refreshing green in the younger sons room gives each an individual zone. Adding stability and sense of orderliness with a combination of the calmness of sea green blue And brown the room of the couple expresses its warmth with the leathered bed back and the cozy laze out sitting.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum A penchant for innovation is evident in the bath spaces where the amalgamation of color and texture Coordinated with the tiles and stone complement the user. The powder room in the basement stands as an expression of the passionate red with its Spanish printed tile and red mosaic, pedestal basin all set against the black floor with the hanging lights. On the contrary the son’s bath has the play of chequered aluminum sheets polarizing the youth. Liberal use of travertine frames the bath space for the couple where the open niches set against the mirror overlook the Jacuzzi and the shower cubicle beyond. The quiet lazing hide out garden on the terrace is approached by the lift as well as the stairway .The terrace with the green scape and the wooden tiles has the central focal water tank which has been dressed with the wooden panel and stone sculpted water fall formulates the space to laze out in the winter sun. As the evening unfolds the terrace develops the character to hold gatherings as the barbeque grill and the bar take on against the twinkling lights.

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum

n.goyal & associates | The sanctum Energy efficiency of the building has been achieved by the effectual use of natural light and ventilation and use of leds for lighting .The vrf system for air conditioning with its green refrigerant makes it environment friendly. Considering the constraints of the site and to get the maximum sunrays the entrance door to the house stands as the toughened glass door while the morning rays wash the double height wall from the windows above. The patio carved out in the living room within the cellar, where infiltration of light through the skylights and frameless glass entrance doors all conjugate to give the desired effect.

Location: New Delhi, India
Architect: N.goyal &associates
Clients: Goplanis
Interior Design firm: Rng linear designs
Principal designer: N.l.goyal , Nitin and Ritika 
Date of completion: aug 2011 
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