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Neutelings Riedijk Architects | International Music and Dance Center

Concept & Competition 3411-2173-H-MO-MAQ-SPUIPLEINNACHT

The IDMC is a public building for all The Hague’s citizens. The IDMC is a well-structured building with cosmopolitan grandeur where many thousands of visitors will be warmly welcomed and will enjoy spectacular and sparkling performances in festive surroundings.

Authenticity and Synergy
The IDMC is the communal residence for the Dutch Dance Theatre, the Residential Orchestra, the Royal Conservatory and the Foundation for Host Programming. It accommodates students and artists, rehearsals and performances, transparency and privacy, but foremost wishes to stimulate synergy and cooperation between the different user groups.

The Atrium: mountain of stairs and meeting place
The Atrium is the heart of the building that welcomes all visitors, artists, students and co-operators. It brings visitors all the way to the roof via a monumental mountain of stairs, as an open boulevard in a vertical city, along the public areas like foyers, restaurants and libraries.

The Play House: world class stacked performance halls
The four stacked performance halls form the core of the building, each having its own character and atmosphere. An open stage for informal concerts is located at street level. At the Piano Nobile the Dance and Opera Hall is situated. The Concert Hall, beating heart of the building, floats above it. The Dome on roof level hosts the Drama Theatre Hall and the Ensemble Hall that have magnificent views of the city.

The Study House: Concentration and security
Class rooms, rehearsal rooms and offices are located in the flexible aisles around the big performance halls. Every department, like Dance, Music, Sonology and Young Talent has its own floor. In this way every department has a clear structure and secure atmosphere, but also creates possibilities for cooperation and synergy. The Work House: Professional foundation for creationThe work house is a flexible structure of rehearsal rooms and class rooms for the residents of the IDMC. Here they can work and create productions. The studios of the Dutch National Dance Theatre are situated around the Dance Hall and the Royal Conservatory’s rehearsal rooms around the Concert Hall. Dressing rooms and other facilities for artists and technicians are in close proximity to the stages.

The Building Volume: low and compact
The IDMC has a low and compact building volume. In this was a natural transition is made from the skyline of the ministry towers to an intimate Culture square at the Spui. The building’s shoulder is significant lower than the neighboring Town Hall, while the tapered façade makes the building volume look slimmer.

The City Crown: an icon for The Hague’s skyline
A majestic dome crowns the building and forms a monumental beacon in the city’s skyline. The dome is traditional and contemporary, tailor-made to the character of royal The Hague. This city roof with a large cupola hall for all kinds of public events will mesmerize every visitor with a spectular city view.

The Façade: elegant, filigree and contemporary
The filigree exo-skeleton gives the building elegance and depth. The colors, materials and textures are warm and deep. The diagonally wave pattern is inspired by the agile movements of dancers and the melody and harmony in music. Day and night the festive expression of the building will create an elegant interplay of light and shadow.

Location: Spuiplein, The Hague
Architectural: Neutelings Riedijk Architects
Structural design: Aronsohn consulting engineers
Building physics: DGMR
Installation design: HE ingenieurs
Acoustic advice: Larry Kirkegaard associaties
Theatre technical advice: dUCKS scéno
Programme: New development for Royal Conservatory / Dutch Dance Theatre / Residential Orchestra, with a 1800 seat Concert Hall, a 1100 seat Opera / Dance Hall, a 500 seat Theatre and a 700 seat Ensemble Hall, educational spaces, studios, foyers, logistical spaces, parking.
Principal: City Council The Hague
Design: International Competition 2010
Surface area: 45.000 sqm floor surface
Construction costs: € 120.000.000,-  (excl. VAT, fees and interior)
Start construction: not defined
Realisation: not defined
Drawings & Photos: Neutelings Riedijk Architects
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