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Nidolab | Home Office

Interiors Nidolab | Home Office

Nidolab | Home OfficeWorking at home as an answer to one´s wish, out of necesity, confort or just because. In a 54 square meters space, we generated this home-office that allows to hold the dynamics in the life of a designer, taking into account every instace of work needed: team work, individual work, rest area, storage, meetings.

For creating a boundary between work and life it is not longer necesary to leave your house.

Nidolab | Home Office

Nidolab | Home OfficeA main sapce, symetric, with a large meeting table, encourages team work. Layouts, plans, blueprints, work, a lot of it. Guarded by direct sunlight incoming through roof windows the city becomes absent. Outside there is more, green, birds, grass all inviting us tu create. “Ethereal sounds, clear instrumentations, simple musical textures. The music is relaxed, easy going and when mixed up with the sounds of nature incoming through the windows, we get the feeling of calmness, of peace. The best combination to go along with our work through all the sounds around us. As if they were the soundtrack of concentration and creativity.” (s.r.z)

Nidolab | Home Office

Nidolab | Home OfficeAt the front of the wooden platform there is a rest area. A handmade wool rug invites us to relax, rest, think, stop. The body is estimulated so it can go on working. Behind the wooden pannel there is a private space. Minimal and reserved is the area where the ideas grow. The whole space can be roamed around. Walls serve as a canvas for storage areas, art and green.

Nidolab | Home Office

Nidolab | Home OfficeAn adjoing space, with different proportions, very small but very tall, serves as a buffer with the outside world, inviting us to watch, go out and come back again. This space was awarded for it´s creativity and innovation in the use of Knauf products. For the execution of this Home-Office, we worked together with a group of profesionals from different disciplines, that we decided to call our Drem Team. Meetings were held among all of us, giving as a result the enrichment of design through interchange of ideas and networking. The space accomplishes a very defined identity through the sutil participation of each member of this group.

Location: Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architects: Nidolab
Architect in charge: Nidolab
Area: 55 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Federico Kulekdjian / Gustavo Sosa Pinilla
Video: KÜCHE
Our dream team:
Aguero Corral – steelframe structures- www.aguerocorral.com.ar
Alexandra Kehayoglou – rug design – www.elespartano.com.ar
Arturo Peruzzotti –lighting design – www.aopi.com.ar
Broca Muebles – hangers- www.brocamuebles.com.ar
Bulla – landscape design – www.bulla.com.ar
Federico Churba – designer – www.federicochurba.com.ar
Küche – video – www.kucheba.com.ar
KBB – art books – www.kbb.org.es
La Feliz – industrial design – www.lafeliz.com
Manifesto – modern furniture – www.manifestoweb.com
Mariana Sissia – Artist – www.albertosendros.com
Modular Musica – sound ambience – www.modularmusica.com
Net muebles – furniture design – www.netmuebles.com.ar
Valeria Pesqueira – clothes and accessories designer – www.pesqueiratm.com
Velux – Roof windows – www.velux.com
Planas viau – Handmade glass objects – www.planasviau.com
Rewind bikes – recycled bikes – www.facebook/rewindbikes
Tilburs – artiswtic direction and production – www.tilburs.com
Oser – electrical products – www.oserelectric.com.ar
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