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ONG&ONG | City Square Urban Park

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IMG_2367The plan to develop this open space into an urban park will drastically change the appearance and usage of this open space. The development of the urban park and the mall will complement one another. The urban park will be like a green carpet lay out in front of the mall to welcome its visitors.


IMG_2309cThe completed urban park will serve as a green lung for the neighborhood. Conceived as a series of spaces connected by footpaths, these spaces are meant to encourage learning about ecology and the natural environment in an urban oasis that is both fun and didactic for young and old. As they play and walk through the landscape, they learn.


IMG_2399We galvanized the important for the project to maintain its environment friendly status by introducing the application of a myriad of ecologically-friendly materials, such as “Eco-tiles” – a composite recyclable product that is manufacture with sustainable resource, and recycled timber.

Features of Urban Park:
• Spaces planted with native species acting green lung for the neighborhood
• Sculptures – in the theme of our environment
• Butterfly Garden – people can engage wildlife and learn about them
• Living Maze – green garden where children can roam and learn about plants
• Fountain Park – interactive water play + distinctive communal meeting point
• Vertical green walls
• Eco-roof – to showcase green technologies
• Eco-wall – kids learn hands-on about recycling, reducing,  reusing
• Tree Preservation – In line with “City in a Garden” movement, preservation + integration of 2 huge existing trees within design

CitySquareFacadeDayWideGreen Maze: This children maze is inspired by the way-finding flight-path of bees in the air. Children will enjoy finding their way in the living maze which is comprised of native plant selections or learning about ecology through the butterfly garden. At the same time, shoppers can rest their tired feet in the park under the shade and among luxuriant greenery and swaying palm trees – an array of flora that are used to make countless products that we depend on (as affluent consumers who visit CSM). This way, we hope to create awareness of the products that we use in our everyday lives and its tie-back relationship to the world we live in.

Long before the park is up, the green message will be brought forward by way of the environmental-friendly green hoarding. These are green panels of vertical planting incorporating into the standard corporate hoarding at intervals. The green hoarding gives a refreshing look to the otherwise drab and harsh construction site hoarding usually made of wood or metal.

City Square ResidencesSunken Plaza: The sunken plaza will be the focal point of the park. It is a multi-purpose space. It serves as a passageway linking the MRT tunnel to the mall and can be used as an event space to hold cultural performances and festival celebrations. A green wall is proposed in this space providing a soothing backdrop to the shoppers below as they sit and dine. The center of the plaza features an interactive fountain with intermittent water jets. The fountain will present a spectacular sight at night with its changing color lighting intermingle with water jets.

PLAN-01Eco-Roof: One of the unique features of the fountain plaza is its eco-roof. It is probably one of its kind found in Singapore. The environmental-friendly eco-roof is made up of three different types of materials (solar panels, low-E glass panels and green roof) performing five different functions: solar energy to power lightings at night for the sunken plaza, provides natural lighting during day time, reduction of temperature in the sunken plaza, water harvesting and facilitates cross-wind circulation.

Children Playground: The children play equipment selected is made from timber harvested from sustainable lumber forest.  The protective EPDM surfacing material on the ground is also predominantly made from recycled rubber from used tyres.  Hidden in the eye-catching leaf pattern design are a couple of small areas with designed children’s game like hopscotch.

Awards: BCA Universal Design Award for Built Environment – Gold, 2010

Location: 17 Kitchener Road, Singapore
Landscape Architect: Ong&Ong Pte Ltd
Project Name: City Square Urban Park
Completion: 2009
Client: City Developments Limited
Realization: December 2009
Use: Urban Park Development Project
Site Area: 7100m2 (Level 1), 2350m2 (Level 6)
Structural & Civil: Meinhardt (S) Pte Ltd
Landscape Contractor: Scenic Landscape Pte Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical: Parsons Brinckerhoff Consultants Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon & Seah (S) Pte Ltd
Land Surveyor: Tang Tuck Kim Registered Surveyor

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