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Architecture sanzpont [arquitectura] | Sunglass HQ

Corporate building for 3 companies, “Sunglass Island”, “Watch my Watch” and “Safilo Group”. The surface of 3,694.06 m2 in an site of 10,533.40 m2 is developed on 3 levels with a hierarchical front apparently floating cube that houses the Management Offices.

The ground floor is occupied by the product storage area for the 3 companies and has loading and unloading platforms. The first floor houses the offices of the company “Sunglass Island” and the Second Floor of the offices of “Watch my Watch” and “Safilo Group. The front building has a glass volume “floating cube” in medium level between the first and second floors for the Management Area.

In the outside area the building has parking for 190 cars.

Design Concept:

The building’s design is governed by a functional analysis of the company.

The scheme is a “pyramid” with the area of product storage and distribution infrastructure as the company base, followed by business and administration and management at the top of the pyramid of hierarchy.

Taking this analysis we proposed a project where the function scheme of the building reflects and resolves the spaces according to the outline of the company group, organizing the building with a close relationship between function and form.

This scheme solves the project in section, leaving the storage on the ground floor as a base, placing the 2 companies in the two subsequent levels and the management placed in mid-level from both within easy reach.

Management Area is located in front of the building since it is the “main face” of the company in a glass volume responding to the hierarchy of the group.

The main facade is oriented to the north, this allows us to open ¨the cube¨ with glass curtain wall to the front to have a privileged view of the exterior and optimum natural lighting.

We study the Sunlighting of all facades to know the distance from the eaves to cover the direct sunlight to the windows.

The formal concept of the building is done by a minimalist design of white planes that surround the building and a emphasis on the main facade with the glass box floating above the water surface covered by a flying slab-shaped V.

The building’s owner was very enthusiastic in make sports facilities for employees. So we decided also to take advantage of the open space on top of the Storage Area slab to create a basketball court where other people from their office cubicles could see from their desk and we organized on the exterior a volleyball and a football field.

Location: Rancho Nazaret camino de acceso Lote 24, Mza 6 Smza 310, Cancun, Quintana Roo, México
Architects: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Colaboration: ILLCH Disegno | Jacobo Sacal Hop
Architects: Sergio Sanz, Victor Sanz, Erick Alcalá, Tere García, Jacobo Sacal, Leobardo Martínez, Jose Tellez, Gadiel Ramos, Marco Hernández, Eddie
MEP Engineering: Arbibe Construciones. Ing. Eduardo Bierge.
Structural Engeneering: Rume Construcciones. Ing. Eduardo Rubi.
Air Conditioning: EISSA
Client: Desarrollos Krantz S.A. de C.V.
Gross area: 3,694.06 sqm
Ground Floor: 1,424.87 sqm (Storage, Main Access & Parking)
First Level: 689.23 sqm    (Sunglass Island Offices)
Second & Mid Level: 1,579.96 sqm (Watch my Watch y Safilo Group Offices)
Design Time: 2008
Completed Time: 2008.06 – 2010.01
Photographer: Victor Sanz Pont

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