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Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working? – Causes & Solutions

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schlage turn lock feature not working

Schlage electronic locks’ high-end security and quality-tested features provide the first line of defense to business establishments and dwellings. But despite the advanced and smart keyless design it confidently holds, it also shares some downsides that freak us out.

Some challenges encountered with Schlage lock include critical level or dead battery, keypad not engaging, and lock or thumb turn malfunction.

Nonetheless, the Schlage turn lock feature not working can be remedied by following the troubleshooting steps.

What Causes Schlage Door Lock Malfunction?

It can be frustrating to experience malfunction on a sophisticated Schlage smart lock or other electronic deadbolt locks in times when urgency matters. But yes, it does happen sometimes.

Some factors which contribute to Schlage door locks not working are pretty simple. In reality, these trivial matters are often ignored or not considered, which can be repaired on our own.

Below are different causes and possible solutions to restore the Schlage lock to its regular operation.

1. Low Battery or Dead Battery


All electronic locks experience “lowbat” or “deadbat” in some period of time. But being keen to notice the early warning saves you from a frantic day in the future.

An indication of low battery on the Schlage lock is the blinking of red backlit in the touchscreen or keypad even when not touched and the late response of the door lock to input command.

  • When these happen, change the battery immediately. Waiting for its demise will turn your Schlage lock not locking at all. It becomes an ordinary deadbolt that you need to open manually with a physical key.
  • Also, the Schlage manual recommends replacing the alkaline batteries every year for continued quality operation. Alkaline is preferred over lithium batteries as the latter tends to fail quickly.

2. Improper Lock Installation

It is a known fact that Schlage locks are easy to install, so you tried it yourself only to end with Schlage thumbturn not working! When this happens, study the Schlage installation guide again and follow the steps accurately.

Sometimes we need to notice details such as:

  • Wrong direction of thumb turns or override slot.
  • Wrong position of deadbolt.

These must face the right direction and be placed in the right position to avoid malfunction. Refer to this image to know the lock mechanism before you troubleshoot it.


If the issue is still unsolved after following the installation guide, call Schlage customer service and ask for help.

3. Enabled/Disabled Feature

To start, features that are disabled in any technology materials cannot function. Below are some features that affect the Schlage lock function when enabled or disabled.

 01 Lock Override Enabled

Enabling lock override makes the keypad function completely disabled. Even if the correct user code is punched in on the keypad, your Schlage be365 won’t lock or unlock unless a physical key is used to engage and disengage the deadbolt.

If you do not have the physical key, you can still bring the keypad back to its normal function by following this Schlage be365 troubleshooting guide.

    1. Remove the interior cover of the lock by unscrewing the screws.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. The metal plate has a “LOCK OUT” and NORMAL word engraved along with their respective lock position. Use a flathead screwdriver to rotate the lock override to the “NORMAL” position.
    4. Reconnect the battery and place the wires back in their original position.
    5. Place back the interior cover and screws.
 02 Turn Lock Feature Disabled

Turn lock, which is also known as “leave and lock” for the Schlage lock be375 model, allows locking the door bolt from the outside by pressing the Schlage button and rotating the thumb turn.

This feature opened an era where the horror felt for lost keys, frustration while digging purses, and worrying about where to hide spare keys when leaving a history of the past.

Turn lock is enabled by default. However, when you notice your Schlage be375 lock and leave not working, follow the steps below and viola! Your turn lock is set.


To know whether it’s functioning, press the Schlage button and rotate the exterior thumb turn. The deadbolt should respond to your command without pressing your user code.

Remember to do the testing with the door securely open to avoid undergoing a Schlage locked out.

 03 Vacation Mode Enabled


Vacation mode temporarily deactivates user codes saved in the Schlage lock so no one can enter your house while you’re on vacation. The Schlage keyless lock won’t engage the turn done to its thumb turn, or respond to the correct codes pressed on the touchpad, nor the usage of the Schlage lock fob until it is disabled.

To turn off this feature, press the Schlage button on the keypad and enter its 6-digit programming code. This code can be seen behind the keypad, and it is also written on its manual.

4. Wrong Code Input


This problem often arises just after the time you change code. The old code is still registered in your mind and embedded in your muscle memory that your hand voluntarily pressed the old code even without thinking, only to realize later that the code has been changed. Naturally, the Schlage lock won’t respond to your input.

5. Cold Weather


Strangely, even cold weather conditions can cause Schlage lock malfunction. The codes can be keyed in. However, the thumbturn just spins on outside, but the door remains locked.

This is caused by the freezing of the spring inside the lock and sometimes moisture trapped inside the door lock.

Fortunately, this can be fixed by disassembling the lock, pulling the spring inside down to its normal length, and wiping-off the moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Schlage be365 model and Schlage fe595 model?

Schlage lock be365 model has inside and outside thumbturn. Both have the ability to lock and unlock. Meanwhile, the Schlage fe595 thumbturn is only found on the interior door side and the lever on the exterior side.

Model fe595 is programmed to lock from the outside when close automatically, but this feature can be disabled by rotating the inside thumb turn to the vertical position.

Why are Schlage locks more expensive than other locks?

While it is true that Schlage locks offer higher prices than other locks, it also undeniably gives the best quality materials and tighter security features compared to the rest. It has an AAA grade, the highest grade in the industry of key development.

That said, the higher the quality and level of security provided, the greater the expense. After all, peace of mind and security require a significant amount of investment.


Schlage electronic locks are an excellent choice to secure your dwellings or establishments. However, like any mechanical device, they can sometimes experience technical issues.

By understanding the causes of Schlage turn lock feature not working issues and applying the right troubleshooting method, you can effectively get your not working Schlage turn lock feature function again.

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