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Sinestezia | Bello apartment

Interiors Sinestezia | Bello apartment

Bello apartment is located in four stories building from 70-ies, located 5 km from the city center of Belgrade, Serbia. With a panoramic view of Belgrade, the building is surrounded by a park dominated by evergreen trees.

In the existing  apartment  we found the usual structure of  100 m2  apartment with three-bedrooms, small and poorly lighted rooms, low ceiling height of 2.5 m, long corridor with no natural light and a bathroom without windows.

The main task of reconstruction of the apartment was  to achieve the continuity of space and communications, and at the same time create  the quality of intimacy of separate spaces  by combining a lobby, dining room, living and working rooms.Above all, it was necessary to open the ceiling in order to get proper height.

Discovered  ceilings  coffered concrete structure, typical  for  architectural heritage of 70-ies, was a  surprise which, became the inspiration of the entire reconstruction.

Ceiling, thus becoming the instruction  to design of rooms, floor, furniture elements, lighting. Using a variety of ways of  curtain rearrangements, sandex, shelves, parapets and partition in brightness and lightness in the space of flexible purpose is obtained. Creating  visual contact with the kitchen and bar,  unified space achieves extra momentum of latitude.

Communication between the foyer, hallway which is leading to bedrooms and kitchen corridor, makes a steady continuity, which is consistent with the flexibility of apartment living zone. Large window areas are now fully open to the park, with which the presence of nature in all home is intensified.

Coffered ceiling with their diffuse illumination corresponds to the floor graphics, featuring white lines that contribute to the dynamics of the whole apartment. Furniture is in accordance with the basic idea, specially designed for this occasion.

The concept of solid and stable against light and floating, is expressed with a dining table, a traditional element in a family environment which  in this way got a contemporary  form.  Desired contrast is completed by applying white color, which made it  light  and unobtrusive in the space, but the situation and occasion.

Asymmetrical shelves with its structure, follow walls and interior elements, and thus become a special visual motif which  is not drowned in a ambient, but  already have their independence different from the expected or well-known.

Bello apartment is contemporary, multi-layered space, and  balanced with  its airy compartments forming a new functional wholes and purposes. On the other side,  its exciting informal ambience, loses its limits in white, and becomes an accomplice in  resistance to ordinary and everyday habits.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Architect: Sinestezia
Project team: Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Natasa Vukosavljevic
Surface area: 120 sqm
Project Year: 2010

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