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The complex Industrial Living – Carska Jabuka (Imperial Apple)  is located in the village of Belo Blato, which belongs to a protected area of special  Nature Reserve “Old Imperial Bar-Begej”, 15 km southwest of Zrenjanin in Serbia.

Reserve enjoys a major international status of  Important Birds Area and Important Plants Area, which he unquestionably deserve  as the area of special importance for nature conservation in Eastern Europe. It is in the exclusive ownership of rare birds, endangered mammals, sensitive fish and amphibians, and over five hundred plant species.

To meet the complex needs and demands of  extremely diverse flora and fauna, Nature has  projected as an exciting mosaic, created from a functional whole of wide steppe meadows, mysterious swamps,  ponds and comfortable private forests, crossed by small rivers, winding canals and levees.

On the other side complex Carska Jabuka (Imperial Apple), belonging to company Imperial Apple, which pioneered organic production of apples  in Serbia. The complex consists of plantations and associated facilities.

The task to transform the existing agro-industrial warehouse into a modern multipurpose facility, which corresponds to the ecological orientation of the company Imperial Apple, at the same time was also in accordance with the specific environment and needs of neighbors, the owners of the exclusive nature reserve “Stari Begej-Imperial Bar.”

With the interventions on the façade and inside the current building , correspondence of the  external appearance with with visual  identity and business of the company is achieved.

While 13 existing modules measuring 8×7, have been converted to a number of basic functional whole.

Newly formed part designed to respond to the request of multiple purposes  is dominating  primarily as a representative space for business meetings, receiving clients, but also for and family gatherings, holidays and daily leisure.

The dialogue between traditional and modern is  made with a spinal wall which  divides existing modular  logic of the space and thus forming a  different functional whole. In order  to highlight the frequency and to expand the  space, the wall is divided into three equal horizontal lines that stretch its  length.

In the convex part the space is formed  to  welcome clients, while in the part that follows the facade is a table for larger meetings or family dinners. In the concave part , a whole for  leisure is separated.

The eclectic interior is made of traditional elements: banatska  muddy furnace, carpet, Uzbek rug, Vietnamese graphics, furniture from Bali, pottery decorations of Tibet, the pillows from Venice.

North facade is completely open to the plains and orchards, and a horizontality that is reinforced by the glass facade follows  the nature a row of trees, meadows, grass, orchard, and the sky.

Since the south facade is facing the main traffic highway Zrenjanin-Belgrade  and is widely open to it, instead of the larger glass area,  solution of  dotted  perforation is applied in order  to  provide light.

With this solution, facade also becomes a sort of billboard on which bow its logo is placed, while the circular openings of different diameters, introduce the  visitors  in to  whole complex in a special way, with the  game of green hues which  give the building a special expression.

Nearby, on the outskirts of a small lake, two-storied wooden structure was created as an observation point with a cantilevered terraces  set on four pillars.

Designed as houses on stilts in the style of the ancient Slavs, it  is used for day and night surveillance of apple orchard, but it is a basic purpose  is achieving good-neighborly relations and socializing with the exclusive owners of the Natural Reserve “Begej-Old Imperial Bar,” on which it  provides a broad view.

Location: Zrenjanin, Serbia
Architect: Sinestezia
Project team: Ana Zatezako Schenk, Cedomir Ristic
Client: Carska Jabuka d.o.o
Surface area: 100 sqm
Project year: 2006
Photographer: Nebojsa Gornjak
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