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Studio Kalamar | Vivat Pool & SPA Complex

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Located in Moravske Toplice, a spa town in north-eastern Slovenia, the spa annex of Hotel Vivat (designed by the same architect) is connected to the existing hotel via a communication axis comprising various public spaces, which leads along the new pools to the future hotel at the west edge of the site.

To the south of the axis, the swimming pool hall contains a large indoor pool, a children’s pool and two whirlpools on an elevated platform. The dynamic volume of the pool hall evokes the water drop shape, a continuous fold wraps over the structure in vibrant gold, the dark and seemingly opaque front facade protects the pool hall from views from the outside. At night, it turns into a large glimmering lantern, while printed glass still discreetly obscures views. Inside, the seemingly opaque front facade reveals itself as a source of natural light; soft edged semi-transparent print on glass disperses the view from outside without blocking light.

Indoor, outside’s vibrant colour scheme is muted and reversed in order to accentuate the space’s purpose: leisure, rest and tranquillity rather than sport and activity. Interior fold that forms the east wall, ceiling, and west wall in one continuous arch is finished in wood. Uninterrupted by light fixtures, the arch represents interior’s principal feature. The pool itself features various spa amenities and a series of seating alcoves on its southern, seesaw-shaped edge.

The principal volume behind the pool hall establishes hierarchy of the scheme; a wrapping of coloured expanded metal softens its rigid lines. To the north, the wide overhang spans the entire length of the scheme, protecting the poll support areas. The pool platform, comprising the swimming, thermal and children’s pools, is covered in warm terracotta tiles.

In contrast with the serene air of the pool hall, its connection to the outside is a vibrant play of colours. The waterway that connects the outdoor and indoor pools also serves as the first glimpse of indoor pool on arrival, as it is crossed by a glass bridge leading from the hotel to the pool’s entrance. Here, tile mosaic from the pool is also transferred to the walls, albeit in stronger, warmer tones.

Energy use represents an important feature of the project. Located in a geothermally rich area, thermal water used in the pools has healing effects on skin diseases and rheumatism. It is derived from two wells on site; excess heat of the water is also used for heating the entire hotel and spa.

Location: Moravske toplice, Slovenia
Architect: Studio Kalamar | Andrej Kalamar
Client: Meteor turizem  d.o.o.
Built Area: 3.500 sqm
Project  Year: 2004-2005
Year of Construction: 2006
Photographer: Miran Kambič

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