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Studio Marco Piva | Soft Landscapes for EGE

Objects Studio Marco Piva | EGE

The cooperation between ege and Marco Piva was initiated on the basis of a shared vision to renew the traditional concept of carpet design. Marco Piva´s aim in creating this collection was to provide a new, dynamic interpretation of the theme of textile flooring, by moving away from the territory of applied decoration to venture into the land of pure imagination, where material, colours and textures form an integral part of the spacial concept of the surroundings.

Studio Marco Piva | EGEThe concept began with a series of designs created by Marco Piva with tempera, water colours and oils; textures vibrant with lines and dots, transparent and opaque, luminous but with an emphasis on intense colour: places within the imagination, natural or artificial landscapes transformed by graphics and colours into new and abstract territories. The original, hand-painted designs were restyled and measured by the computer graphics filter, multiplied, reflected and changed into a new scenario, vast and complex, where the original textures and colours disappeared in order to take on new dimensions and intensity, yet with their hand-made origins still apparent. In this manner the repetitive prints, characteristic of industrial manufacture, retained those aspects associated with hand-made products, touched by the emotions and feelings of both the creator and the delighted owner, a visual, tactile and emotional pleasure.

Studio Marco Piva | EGEIt was thus that the new range of Soft Landscapes, offering different and unusual settings, was created between Milan and Herning, in Denmark, the location of the headquarters of ege, one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Europe.  15 designs (Traces, Season, Virtual Eggs, Volcanos, Walk Ways, Shores, Clouds, Waves, Electronic Laguna, From Space, Bubbles, Beating Heart, Cross Vibrations, Spectrum, Fields), are offered in totally 72 different variations, subdivided into 6 major colour categories (Green Shade, Grey Light, Orange Dream, Yellow Ray, Blue Touch, Red Flight), to produce 210 colours in all, including those Marco Piva saw in the places he visited during his trip around the world; warm, African colours, bright Mediterranean colours, delicate and romantic Middle-European ones, cold, North European ones, restrained but also transformed into a metropolitan-based context. The designs are offered in different sizes, listed in the catalogue as follows: S, M, L, XL. This makes them suitable for both the domestic and the professional market in all kinds of geographical areas.  Soft Landscapes interpret the places where people live their lives: houses, hotels, entertainment areas, work and meeting spaces.

Studio Marco Piva | EGEEge possesses the most sophisticated carpet technology in the industry. The boundaries of carpet production are no longer present, as any image can be reproduced extremely accurately, in an infinity of colour variations, revolutionizing carpet design and production. This range was created utilising the Millitron technology characteristic of ege products.  Millitron, a sophisticated and highly technological dye injection method, does not restrict itself to dyeing the carpet fiber solely at a superficial level (print transfer, rotary presses, etc.) but dyes the whole length of the fiber using microjets whose high pressure applies the individual colours deep into the root of the carpet fiber. Another individual feature of the Soft Landscapes collection involves the size of the rolls ready for fitting. These are 4 m wide, a measurement securing easy fitting and installation as well as the long term appearance retention due to fewer seams and weaknesses.

Studio Marco Piva | EGESoft Landscapes are available in 6 qualities (100% polyamide and 80/20 wool). All carpets by ege are tested to EN1307 and are labelled for heavy and extra heavy use. The production time is only 3 weeks and samples are available within 48 hours (size M).

Designer: Studio Marco Piva 

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