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Small Atelier

It is a project which repairs the old timbered house in Japan and builds a small atelier. Since there was little cost, the space of rich usage was aimed at for the necessary minimum material. A designer also participates in construction and makes it complete this project. Location: Ishikawa, Japan Architect: KELUN  Designer: Yasuhito Inamori Project name: […]


C. F. Møller Architects
Atelier and guest-house

The home of architect and partner in C. F. Møller Architects, Mads Møller, was originally built in 1969 and subsequently enlarged by additions in 1978, 1992, 2001 and 2009. The latest extension, a new atelier wing, has been carefully set in the coastal slope, and balanced with an adjacent new guest-wing. The new building and […]


Ikimono Architects
Atelier Tenjinyama

Primitive building was born to prevent rain and wind. This building is made by only four pieces of walls and roof. This primitive constitution showed the possibility “a person is able to get along somehow”. But in fact, in this building, it is filled with joy, presence of mind, and discovery. Design method is simple. […]