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liquirizia is a multi-unit chair. Modular or endless depending on your greediness, as the most appetizing candy you would never give up savouring. liquirizia will talk about you and the lines of your heart, following routes each time different, each timeā€¦ altreforme. Romantically back against back in never ending relations of incurable lovers. Meeting and […]


De Castelli

Massive volumes made of metal and precious structured upholstering, invisible welding, concave and convex forms or straight geometric lines; in its seating, De Castelli plays with tactile, chromatic, formal contrasts, whose sophistication and elegance remain unaltered over time. Making hybrids of natural objects and human artefacts is the foundation for the poetics of Patrizia Pozzi, […]



Dekka is a daybed where two design traditions integrate in one furniture. FurnID has chosen to let the Danish design tradition meet with the Arab and the result is a minimalistic daybed by the name Dekka. Dekka is a blend between old handwork and industrial processing, between hard and soft, between light and air, between […]