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Erik Giudice Architects
Guggenheim Helsinki Museum

The Helsinki Guggenheim is open to the world, to the city and the sea; it will become an active cultural hub, a dynamic platform for experimentation and innovation. The museum’s design is founded on the contrast between the movement and materiality of the ground floors stone and wooden surfaces and the abstract glazed, suspended exhibition space. […]


Arhitektura Jure Kotnik
Kindergarten Kekec

Kindergarten Kekec is an extension of a typical Slovene prefab kindergarten from the 1980s. Situated in one of Ljubljana’s residential areas, Kekec answers the growing demand for kindergartens. This comes as a result of Ljubljana having witnessed considerable population growth as well as legislative changes and a planned increase in building density inside the highway […]


inFORM studio
DPSCM – Detroit Public Schools Children’s Museum

The Detroit Public Schools Children’s Museum breathes a fresh experimental air into the process of public education. Blessed with a diverse and significant collection of cultural and historical artifacts, the museum ventures into a pioneering effort to teach children within a new pedagogical framework that is simultaneously classroom, interactive exhibit, and gallery. The new home […]