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Eugenio Aglietti, Luca Beltrame & Jessica Tiberi
Fab Housing

Fab-Housing is the Master’s degree project presented by Eugenio Aglietti, Luca Beltrame and Jessica Tiberi for the final thesis of IN/ARCH Post-graduate Master Course in Digital Architecture – Expert Designer in Emerging Technologies, class 2014. The proposal concerns the requalification of Caserma Ruffo area, located in the District IV of Rome Municipality, and intends to […]


Eugenio Aglietti
VetiVertical City

Shanghai is one of the Chinese cities with the highest levels of CO2 emissions per capita and, due to industrial effluents, Huangpu is one of the most polluted river of the planet. The project pursues a dual objective: firstly, the purification of wastewater produced by the building in order to recycle it; secondly, the carbon dioxide […]