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Keikichi Yamauchi architect and associates

This house is located in front of the lucid stream known as the Nuppuku River in Taisho-cho, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido. The north-west side of the house, which is the back of the building, is surrounded by tall trees, and unspoiled nature miraculously remains on the riverside. Things only exist here Since the attractive scenery is spread around […]


Hidehiro Fukuda Architects
Duplex house in Tokito

”Duplex house in Tokito” held concurrently and planned the two-generation house and the atelier to a still residential area in Hokkaido Hakodate. It wanted to express the living of the child with parents forever in shape, and the crane (paper crane) was assumed to be a concept of the design. There is a traditional custom […]


Jun Igarashi Architects
Rectangle of light

Between Nature and Art There’s just some Light. It seems that it is artificial as well as it is natural. But still, an absolute existence… The parcel is located in the north of a city named Sapporo, where the housing block is split like a grid. Surrounded by 3 buildings, a tiny parcel that contains […]