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Peleg Design
Magnetic stickers

A colorful sticker with a built-in super strong magnet. Magnetic stickers will elegantly hold small metal items.  Ideally used on a smooth surface in your kitchen, shower, study or anywhere else in the home or office. Three magnetic stickers in a pack. Designer: Peleg Design Sticker Diameter: 3.5 cm


AWA Furniture
Tr / Sq / Rh

 This is a series of products of accessory cases and pen stands. Their shapes are triangles, squares and rhombi. Each box has magnets on its sides and by combining a few of them, you can make a geometrically beautiful shape autonomously. The larger structures of combined elements show a similar pattern to be seen in the chemical formula. (Tsuboi […]


Alvaro Uribe

Inspired by Latin American folkloric music, which invites individuals into a romantic ritual of seduction, these salt and pepper shakers balance over a steel plate and through a magnetic connection transmit this energy into our kitchen environment. Dynamic and organic, each shaker fits comfortably on your hand.   Made of stainless steel, and an integrated […]