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10 Most Amazing Pools Around the World
Lost touch with reality at #10

Summer is here and the heat is already unbereable! So if you’re trapped in an office, in a classroom or you’re simply just sweating at home on your couch, we know exactly what you need: a little day dreaming! We have gathered 10 of the most exotic swimming pools from across the world, from Greece, […]


Divercity architects
Grace Santorini Hotel & Villa

This 20-room hotel (a joint project between Divercity and Mplusm) is carved into the cliff-face 300m above Santorini’s volcanic caldera. The understated design allows this extraordinary landscape to take centre stage.  The hotel provides a contemporary interpretation of vernacular architecture: economy of space, radical simplicity, and organic forms. The infinity pool’s jagged outline echoes the zigzag […]