Top 9 Tan Bedroom Ideas for 2023 & 2024 (w/Pictures)

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tan bedroom ideas

Science states that colors have a big impact on our emotions. That is why you need to incorporate cool, relaxing colors in your bedroom.

One good choice is tan, a pale tone of brown color that bring a cozy and warm feel for your bedroom; think of it as a big comforting hug.

Tan is versatile, so you can mix it with your favorite color shades, such as white, black, purple, yellow, blue, and teal, to name a few.

If you are thinking of having one for your new bedroom decor, check out the top tan bedroom ideas here. A little inspiration will go a long way.

Best Tan Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Mixed Textures Tan and Wooden furniture


Now, let’s talk about a room with different textures. You can go for bedroom decor with different tones of tan on the curtains, walls, and bed.

Such decoration ideas will go nicely with wooden furniture. This combination brings a touch of class, comfort, and coziness to your bedroom.

2. A Touch of White


Your tan room theme doesn’t have to be clustered and heavy; you can add some white colors to it to make the room brighter and easy on the eyes.

You can go for an all-white bed, curtains, and walls. The floors are tan, which makes it look more elegant. If you are not in for the all-white bed, you can throw in some tan-colored pillows.

Try out some of your favorite light tan tones for your curtains and walls.

3. Tan and Some Black


Why not some touch of sophistication and power in your bedroom? Your bedroom can boast much elegance and sophistication just by this touch of black.

Indeed, you need to make sure the black furniture or wall perfectly blends with the tan on the floor and other items in the room.

Instead of white beddings, you can consider doing some tan colors on them to better compliment the tan color.

4. Tan and light green


The fresh feel of green will compliment the tan wall and furniture well, offering a lively vibe for the bedroom. Many designers love to use green and tan to create a cottage and aesthetic vibe. You can surely bring this idea to life with green pillows and drapes in the bedroom.

5. Minimalistic


This is just the right touch for minimalists. You can have tan on your floors and other few pieces of furniture.

The minimalist idea is famous for making smaller bedrooms look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. It also makes the room less cluttered, ideal for those who want to work in their bedroom.

White walls, wooden floors, tan and gray furniture, and bedding will be the perfect combination for this type of decoration. You would also be surprised by how a small green tree will add to the overall clean vibe.

6. Shabby Chic


A shabby chic decor style tan room decor, like the one in this bedroom, is a modern trend of bed room design.

The shabby chic decor styles require more feminine colors. These include colors like pink, beige, and others. Therefore, such a bedroom design is a good inspiration for someone not interested in feminine colors but still wants a romantic, relaxed feminine feel.

7. Luxurious Tan Bedroom


An outdoor balcony that serves you with a beautiful view deserves a warm and cozy color design. Tan, as we know it, can bring out this feeling.

You can use a light yellowish tan walls bedroom that is not distracting. Also, a glossy tan floor can add to the luxurious tan colors of the bedroom. Furniture like the bed and drawers also exhibit a touch of class with the tan color.

This is a good example of bedroom ideas with tan walls you can use.

8. Scandinavian Tan Bedroom


This Scandinavian tan bedroom is for you if you are in for the chic, rustic, but relaxing feel. In this bedroom, the tan color is heavily used on the accessories.

You can adorn the wall with a white color that seeks to blend well with the tan colors of the bed. The floor also has a light tan color, leaving all the attention to the light tan room colors on the bed and other accessories in the bedroom.

9. Coastal With Light Tan


You probably can’t count how often you hear that blue is the only color that can give the coastal feel. This might have some truth, but this bedroom might change this belief.

The tan color on the floor and the curtains can perfectly blend with the dark blue colors in the bedroom. However, one thing about this combo is that you only need light tan colors.

You can do tan colors for the furniture, such as the bedside drawers and the bench, instead of white. However, you need to note that even whites depict the modern coastal vibe.


You might have already had your favorite colors in your bedroom, but incorporating them into your bedroom to give you the desired outcome can be such a task.

So, if you want tan bedroom ideas or beige bedroom ideas to incorporate in your bedroom, we hope this guide will inspire you.

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