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Timothy Schreiber | Evolved table

Furniture Timothy Schreiber | Evolved table

The design of the evolved tables was conceived from the natural process of “growth”. This concept was first translated into an initial digital model, which was subsequently optimized using digital structural and artificial intelligence algorithms. With flowing, organic design, evocative of natural forms, the stainless steel cast and brilliant hand-polished finish base is complimented by a transparent round glass table top. The three table legs branching, smoothly growing together in a solid and stable base that can be admired from any direction.’

Architect: Timothy Schreiber
Height: 720mm
Diameter: 1500mm
Material: polished stainless steel, glass top
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  • john peters

    …looks like a cheap copy of Cappellini’s / Jackob Wagners branch table….

  • Bibol

    You wrong, in 2012, Wagner just copied Schreiber’s 2007 Table. In my opinion original one (pic. above) is more solid made. Copy is a copy.
    The E-volved Table has won the Red Dot Design Award in 2007, everyone knows the design.

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