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Toytoy was born in 2009 against the background of a world crisis. It is a creative and positive response to the financial difficulties of the population and its paradoxical counterpart of a sometimes hysterical over-consumption, to waste and to the impending threats to our environment. Anxious to create and produce more intelligently than in he past, Toytoy provides a new means of satisfying the needs of young parents within the limits of their income, respecting the principles of a responsible production. Toytoy’s creative design reconciles local production and the use of recycled and ecofriendly materials with a very reasonable retail price, without ever compromising on quality.

To create a good quality, aesthetic line of furniture and accessories for young children which is ecologically sound and reasonably cheap.

Each product is made from a simple sheet of recycled cardboard which is precut and printed in the graphical colours, specific to each collection. The product is delivered flat which considerably reduces assembly and transport costs. A printed user guide gives us all the instructions from tearing the product out the cardboard sheet to the final assembling. A one piece conception ensures the buyer can easily assemble the furniture, without the need to cut or glue.

Besides its simple conception, Toytoy stands out through its visual signature of youthful vitality. Importance is given to primary colours and simple geometric forms (square, triangle and circle) to encourage the development of a creative universe for the child. Graphic surroundings are constructed in a playful, unpredictable mood, in contrast to more traditional consumer products.

First creation of the Toytoy trademark, the Toytoy armchair is a piece of furniture halfway between object and toy, offering as many functions as the imagination of the young user can find. It is carried, dragged, opened up, discovered, assembled, dismantled… One sits on it, one moves it, one turns it on all sides, one looks into it, one hides a treasure in it… One invents worlds and stories. Tales that never end since one can assemble the Toytoy armchairs together, creating multiple geometric, coloured forms with the help of cardboard scraps left over from their initial assembly. Simple cuts on those elements enable them to fit into each other on various angles.

The child (and the parent) can thus create the most crazy forms in accordance with his creative mood of the moment. Made of a material said to be fragile, the Toytoy armchair is nevertheless remarkably strong, even under the attacks of its most enthusiastic users! And it is entirely waterproof! Thanks to its novel conception, the Toytoy armchair is very weight-resistant. It is produced in three sizes, S (small) , M (medium) and L (large) with three different graphic universes to adapt itself to the child’s growth.

The Toytoy concept took shape in the imagination of a young couple, Salomé Strappazzon and Mikaël Mourgue, inspired by their twin daughters, 2 years old Lizzie and Titia. Caught up in the upheaval of a world crisis where consumerism became paramount, balancing work and family, Salomé and Mikaël wanted to imagine a better world – a world made for couples like themselves.

From this, the idea grew to create products that are both useful, amusing and cheap. They wanted to invest for themselves a world where one would consume less, but smarter. A world where it would be important to please oneself, to please other, to play, to construct… instead of destroying everything.



Designer: Toytoy™
Color: red | blue | yellow
Small Toytoy Size: H18.1” | L13” | D9.85”
Photographs: Raphael Lacoste | Florent Goy
* Toytoy products are made for children over 3 years old
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