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Urban Architecture | Fushun Green Center High-Rise – ‘New City Flower’

Concept & Competition ring of live frame

This new high – rise is tall and strong, but it represents something rather delicate. In the initial concept, based on a cultural reference, we explored nine different concepts until arriving at a flower theme. The regional flower of Shenyang and Fushun city is the much cherished rose. The tower’s cylindrical body mass refers it to the rose bud’s shape. The 6 curved ‘petals’ that form the towers’ exterior shell gives it a strong yet elegant masculine quality.


The project is located in Fushun and Shenyang junction area – Shen-Fu new town core, Fushun Economic Development Zone, on the northern end of the axis pointing to the core area, and the intersection of the Riverfront Development zone. The 280m high tower together with the 5-star hotel located in the center of the artificial lake and the ‘ring of life’ structure completes the “trinity”, the spatial layout pattern of the masterplan.

The project as a modern high-rise mixed use district covers an area of 31,000 square meters with a total construction area of 183,000 square meters, is 60 floors above ground and has a maximum height of 280 meters. It includes high end office buildings, low-rise office facilities, sky apartments, Cloud financial clubhouse, and two underground floors for car parking. The podium building has an area of 17,000 square meters, supporting commercial and service functions for the office tower.

bird view

Design ideas: The bud shape was generated by a basic cylinder massing along the edge creating vertical petal outlines with petal elements overlapping one other. A “petal bath” also hides lights for night atmosphere adding elegant flowing light art. Thus we add “City of Flowers” to its name.

In accord with line of sight requirements, the high-rise tower’s mass is offset with the gentle slopes of the green roof at its commercial base; the “green” podium is set off against the “flower” of the visual center, highlighting its core.

view 2

The entire tower massing from concept to detail design were completed using parametric plug-in application Grasshopper, which allows a greater level of detail and accuracy and can tabulate gross floor area and total wall area as well. More importantly, modifications are uncomplicated, making it a very efficient and effective design tool.

Lastly, the curtain wall strategy employs a cell wall seam stitching pattern to achieve its multi-faceted curving upward appearance. Both simple and economical to manufacture and install, this strategy not only gives a natural rhythm to the curved walls of the frame ribs but also avoids irregular shaped components.

view 1

“UA`s projects spread over 50 cities in 24 provinces, including over 15 super-tall public buildings and more than 20 large urban complexes with the annual design floor area exceeding 10,000,000 m². After establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with high-end real estate developers [Greenland Group, Poly Group, Forte, Vanke, Zhongshai, Shimao Property, Sino-Ocean Land, CJ Land] UA`s works became the best-selling individual projects in Shanghai for three consecutive years (2009-2011) and in Beijing and Chengdu in 2010. UA has now successfully created a highly comprehensive balance between economic forces and conceptual design.”

facade detail 02 Section functions

“Currently, UA China focuses on urban design, skyscrapers, commercial mixed-use complexes, HOPSCA and innovative residential planning and design.”

For the past 12 years the company has seen a steady growth and now employs more than 700 people.

Location: Fushun City, Liaoning Province, China
Architects: UA Studio 7
Project Director: Shi Ze Song
Project Leader: Zhou Jun Gang
Team Members: Yao Yuan , Mazhen Long , Yin Shun , Lin Lin , Cai Yanhong , Ioana Marica, Maria Fetiskina.
Client: China Vanke
Building Status: Competition
Type: Commercial – Office
Year: 2013
Site area: 31,080 sqm
Building area: 147,700 sqm
Height: 280 meters
Number of stories above ground: 60
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