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How to Use Your Phone in the Shower? – 3 Simple Ways

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how to use your phone in the shower

Taking a bath can be so relaxing that it becomes boring. You might take your phone into the shower to browse Reddit or other Social Media sites. Maybe you need ambient noise from Spotify or a Netflix movie to add to your shower experience.

Therefore, knowing how to use your phone in the shower safely and responsibly is important. Taking a shower with a phone or spending time in the bathtub can be risky, so you should waterproof it.

Ways to Use Your Phone in the Shower

There are several methods to safely shower with your phone without getting it wet in the shower or bathtub.

1. Keep Your Phone Safe With a Ziploc Bag


Airtight and waterproof ziplock bags are the best choice to waterproof your phone before getting into the shower. Ziploc bags are made of thin plastic, so they do not interfere with the screen touch sensitivity of your phone.

Simply slip your phone into a bag that’s the same size or larger. Make sure to carefully pinch the top of the bag from one side to the other to ensure it’s sealed tight!

You should also double-check the bag for any holes before you bring your phone into the shower.


  • Ziploc bags are a cost-effective way to safely take a bath with your phone. You can buy the bags at almost any grocery store.
  • There are various sizing options for different phone types.


  • You can use a particular bag multiple times, but its quality will degrade faster than waterproof shower phone holders or cases. So, you must watch out for rips, tears, or holes in the bag.

2. Use a Shower Case or Phone Holder


If you’re the type who loves crafts, you can create a Do-It-Yourself Phone Holder for your shower!

Of course, you must take care that your DIY Shower Phone Holder fits your device perfectly, whether it’s an iPhone, a Galaxy S7, etc.

There are many excellent phone cases on the market that are made for various devices, starting from $2 only. For example, you can use a LifeProof case in the shower.


  • A shower case can allow you to safely use your phone in the bath without getting it wet.
  • Wall-mounted models available
  • Sensitive touchscreen for normal use


  • Some shower cases might be poorly made with low-quality materials.

3. Use a Shower Curtain Liner With Pockets


If you want to use your cell phone in the bathroom while showering, keep your phone away from the shower mount.

The amount will direct which way the shower head is spraying water. Fortunately, you can add a layer of safety between water and your mobile phone with a shower curtain.

Some curtains have large pockets so people can easily access their toiletries. Be careful not to let any water get into the pockets.


  • Adds to the bathroom decor, as it is easily customized for varying styles and colors.
  • Leep other areas dry and clean while you shower.
  • Protect phones, speakers, and other things in the bathroom from damage.


  • Most people use a shower curtain with pockets to keep their toiletries, so the pockets face inward. Water might splash into the pockets and on your phone.
  • It takes effort to clean and wash the shower curtain to protect it from mildew and soap scum.

Other Tips for Using Your Phone in the Shower


  • Instead of bringing your phone into the shower, consider connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker and keeping your phone a safe distance from the bath.
  • Ensure that your hands are water- and soap-free when handling your phone in the bathroom.
  • Be mindful of your shower’s temperature, as too much coldness or heat can damage your phone.
  • Don’t bring your charger into the bathroom, and don’t charge your phone, either.



Can the Steam from the Shower Damage My Phone?

While steam isn’t as bad as water from your shower head, yes, shower steam can damage a phone.

Steam is water that has turned to vapor because of heat. If the steam cools down, it becomes water.

Steam can get past the small crevices of your phone and cool down inside it. As a result, the steam becomes water and settles inside your phone.

So even if your device doesn’t get exposed to a direct spray of water, steam can indirectly cause water damage.

How to Know if Your Phone is Waterproof or Not?

The best way to figure out if you can take your phone in the shower is to check your device’s manual or original packaging.

But if you already threw those away, you can check the Internet by searching for your phone’s model number.

A cell phone’s specifications generally contain information about whether it’s waterproof.

Many cellular devices today are water-resistant, meaning they can handle getting a bit wet — but not too much!

Devices can have different levels of waterproofing according to their brands and models.

What to Do if Your Phone Gets Wet?

Fortunately, since most phones are water-resistant, you don’t have to worry if your phone got splashed with a few droplets of water.

You just have to wipe away the excess water with a dry tissue or a cloth. However, if your phone got soaked in the bathroom, be careful with the device ports!

For instance, if water gets into the charging port, you must try to wipe it away with a cloth or tap it out.

You may also use an electric fan to blow air into the ports. Don’t use a blow dryer or anything that emits hot air.


People like to enjoy their time in the bathtub or shower. Some people like to bring their phones into the bathroom. So, learning how to use your phone in the shower can keep it — and you — safe.

Using a phone in the shower can be dangerous. Still, there are several methods for safely using a cell phone in the bathroom while showering.

You can always waterproof your phone with a Ziploc bag or a DIY shower phone holder or case. Alternatively, you can install a shower curtain liner with pockets.

Just remember to shower with your phone responsibly!

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