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The Kunstcluster (Art Cluster) is a landmark of the town centre of Nieuwegein, which is to be redeveloped over the next few years. A new town hall is to be built, with shops, homes and offices above ground, and under­ground parking. The site of the Kunstcluster consists of two conjoined blocks: the theatre with arts centre as well as the multi-storey car park combined with retail space.

002_1_Nieuwegein exterior day

003_1_Nieuwegein exterior nightThe new theatre comprises two auditoria: a main stage with circle, seating audiences of 650 – 700, with podium and ample stage space for all types of production; and a stu­dio theatre seating 200, also with circle. The studio consists of flat floor and foldaway stage, and will be available for events of all kinds, including pop and other music. Com­pleting the complex are three spectacular foyers and a theatre café looking on to the central square, the Stadsplein. Above the theatre will be an arts centre, a multifunc­tional venue for music, dance and acting classes.

003_10_Nieuwegein carpark

003_12_Nieuwegein carparkThe glass façade is printed, to give the illu­sion of (stage) curtains. This applied print also considerably reduces the percentage of light penetration via the south and east façade, preventing overheating on sunny days. The foyers, and therefore most peo­ple, are located on the Stadsplein façade to the south. Here, the pigment of the print is sufficiently transparent and translucent to make the image visible from inside to out­side, and from outside looking in.

004_4_Nieuwegein wardrobe

004_12_Nieuwegein upper foyerA ‘shop window,’ roughly 20 metres high, enables anyone walking across the central square to get a glimpse of the audiences inside. Theatregoers, in turn, overlook the town centre from the three foyers, respec­tively 5, 10 and 15 metres up. The façade is floodlit after dark with energy-saving LED lighting.

004_13_Nieuwegein mail hall

004_20_stairs to classroomsIn the redeveloped town centre nearly all cars will go underground. The multi-storey car park next to the Kunstcluster is an ex­ception. This block is literally a green lung in the stone-built urban environment. Analysis during the design process came up with the idea of a parking structure which would be carbon-neutral both to build and, expressly also, to operate. The garage frontage on the Stadsplein side is four metres thick. Here a cascade stairway wends its way up/down through a bamboo plantation six metres high. Prints on the balustrades and other glazed surfaces graphically reflect the bam­boo image. The ground floor accommodates retail, resulting in a living streetscape.

004_16_Nieuwegein main hall

004_24_wood cladding detailNote: The project was executed whilst Frits van Dongen was partner of the Architekten Cie.

Location: Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Architect: Frits van Dongen, P. Koschuch
Client: Projectbureau Binnenstad, Nieuwegien
Programme: 7.500 m2 theatre. 1.800m2 arts centre. 975 m2 retail space. 586 parking spaces
Project team: H. de Haas, J. Baks, J.W. Baijense, F. Jaubert, R. Versteeg, R. Bos, K.R. Sluijs, S. Lin, R. Duarte
Structural engineer: ABT, Delft
Contractor: Bouwcombinatie Strabag / Zublin, Vlaardingen
Date of commission: 2007
Date of construction: 2010 – 2012
Gross surface: 27.550 m2 (10.275 m2 theatre and arts centre, 17.275 m2 parking garage)
Volume: 112.400 m3 (57.500 m3 theatre and arts centre, 54.900 m3 parkinggarage)
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