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What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops?

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what color cabinets with black granite countertops

Are you looking for inspiration on kitchen cabinet colors to match your black granite countertops?

Black granite is both functional and stylish and can be a great starting point for some beautiful design ideas.

Let’s look at some hues that will breathe life into your kitchen space – from bright white to dark cabinets, and a few lively colors in between.

What color cabinets with black granite countertops appeal to you? Let’s take a look.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Go With Black Granite

1. Classic Bright White Cabinets


Black and white is a classic pairing that works every time. Crisp white kitchen cabinets make a stark contrast to dark granite countertops, and also provide a balance for that perfect neutral energy. Black and white have almost universal appeal and can be styled to suit many different tastes.

If white is used on your kitchen wall and is the dominant color in your kitchen, the black countertop will be the centerpiece in the room. If you are more adventurous and artsy, you can choose a black tiled floor to echo the black granite countertop.

White works well in opening up a space and making it feel bigger, which makes it well-suited to smaller spaces. It will also brighten a kitchen, giving it a sense of airiness and sterility.

One drawback is that white cabinets in your kitchen may be a little high maintenance as stains and dirt can be more easily seen.

2. Cozy Cream Cabinets


Off-white hues can also provide that high-contrast look with your black kitchen countertops. Light cabinets such as cream add brightness and a hint of warmth to any space. The yellow undertones add a coziness that is not present in a flat white.

Cream cabinets with a black countertop are associated with the traditional kitchen space. It brings to mind farmhouse-style kitchens with moldings on the cabinetry and window panes.

However, choosing geometric cabinetry and modern hardware can bring your cream cupboards and black granite countertops to a sleek, contemporary kitchen look. At the same time, you can enjoy that cozy, homey, and rustic feel of an old-fashioned kitchen.

3. Jet Black Cabinets


Go for that monochromatic style by pairing black granite counters with the same bold black cabinet color.

This can create a very sophisticated and elegant kitchen workspace if combined with the right amount of texture, gloss, and shine.

Black granite, as a natural stone, typically has some striations and secondary colors or luster because of the minerals embedded in the rock. These can be a beautiful detail you can pair with matte black cabinets.

You can also take those sparkles in the granite as inspiration and add gold and metallic fixtures. Cabinet door handles, the faucet and sink, a sparkly backsplash, and stainless steel appliances will accent the dark kitchen theme and give depth to the kitchen nicely.

Depending on the material, black cabinets can be easier to maintain as they can hide discoloration and dark-colored dirt well.

However, a predominantly dark color paint in any room will tend to make it feel smaller and darker. This would be ideal for a large kitchen with large windows that allow for plenty of natural light.

4. Steel Gray Cabinets


An achromatic color scheme is another idea for those with modern tastes. You can achieve that sleek, minimalist look by installing gray cabinets in kitchens with black countertops.

Steel gray is an excellent transitional color between a black countertop and white walls. Even with limited shine and metallic, there is visual interest in the pairing of black and gray.

In the style of modern kitchens, you can choose handleless grey kitchen cabinets to enhance that streamlined look with clean lines.

Dark countertops with dark gray cabinets would need sufficient lighting so the space won’t feel too heavy and small.

You can opt for light grey kitchen cabinets with cooler undertones for a brighter and more airy feel. Maximize the use of white for the floor or wall color to balance the dark.

5. Dusky Taupe Cabinets


Taupe is a less common neutral that combines dark gray and brown. It is muted and understated and is an interesting choice to pair with black granite kitchen countertops.

Because of taupe’s brown undertones, it goes well with wood of similar shades. It also has a warmer undertone than pure gray and so lends some warmth to your kitchen.

Taupe kitchen cabinets paired with black counters might look dull and somewhat dark. Play around with a glossy finish to match the luster of a black pearl granite counter. Accent with metallic gray appliances, handles, and light fixtures for added brightness.

6. Natural Wood Grain Cabinets


How can one go wrong combining natural wood and stone?

Wood cabinets come in many different stains ranging from very light to very dark. Tan cabinets could be considered closer to the off-white neutrals, while walnut brown cabinets have shades of black.

Like wood cabinets, granite countertops have varying coloration, grain or texture, and shine. They are quite similar in the earthy, organic feel they can bring to a kitchen space.

For an even more seamless combination, you can even try pairing wood cabinets with dark brown granite countertops.

7. Sky Blue and Navy Blue Cabinets

In interior design, the color blue often functions as a neutral, providing a backdrop and blending seamlessly with other colors.

In the kitchen with black granite countertops, sky blue cabinets or navy blue can both work as wonderful complements.

A light blue cabinet color can give a refreshing and cool contrast to black countertops.

Navy blue can be quite bold and intense when paired with black surfaces, so including white kitchen walls or a white backsplash can provide balance.

8. Mint Green and Hunter Green Cabinets


The organic shades of green also go well with black granite, both associated with nature and the outdoors. Green cabinets can add a refreshing and cool atmosphere to kitchens with black countertops.

Just like blue, you have an array of shades to choose from. Mint green or a very light pastel green is a bright color that can offer contrast to black countertops.

Hunter green is a more muted shade with gray undertones. This can add a lively hue to the kitchen that is still understated and rather neutral.

9. Mellow Yellow Cabinets


Modern kitchen black granite countertops can be paired with warm, high-contrast cabinet colors as well.

For that retro feel, choose a pale yellow for your kitchen island cabinetry. These will match nicely, especially if your black granite countertop has gold, yellow or off-white striations.

Yellow is often associated with food and stimulating appetite. It adds cheer and brightness to any room. Just be careful in shade selection so that you do not have an overpowering warm color taking up a lot of the visual space in the kitchen.

Tips for Choosing Colors for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place of frequent activity and interaction. In choosing what color cabinets go best with a black granite countertop, we think about style and beauty.

What’s more, it’s important to think about how practical and well-suited to the constant cooking and eating our color choices will be.

  • Aim for adequate light and brightness – This is important not just for the mood of the kitchen, but also to help you see the food you are preparing or eating clearly.

It is difficult to judge if your chicken is golden brown already if you have a dark color combination of cabinets, countertops, and walls, and there is little natural light or indoor light.

  • Keep your kitchen design tidy and uncluttered– Because the kitchen is a naturally busy environment, we should choose a color palette that is harmonious and does not distract from the flow of activity in the space.

Kitchen cabinetry makes up about 40% of your kitchen and so visually will have a dominating effect on the feel and flow of the room.

  • Your colors need to be practical – Kitchen surfaces will be exposed to a lot of greases, food, and just plain constant touching. Consider how easily the colors will show or conceal stains, and how much cleaning you are willing to commit to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are black granite countertops preferred?

Black granite countertops are popular both for their beauty and their performance. As a natural stone, it comes in many varieties, with unique markings, veining, and different finishes. The color is versatile and open to many color combinations.

Granite is a sturdy and durable material that requires minimal maintenance to last a very long time. Given the dark surface, usually, scuff marks and most dirt will not be very visible.

To keep the granite in tip-top shape, do regular washing with warm water and soap, plus annual sealing to make sure the stone doesn’t absorb too much liquid and remains stain-resistant.

Should the countertops always match the kitchen island and cabinets?

Not necessarily, as long as color choices are harmonious and balanced. Using different shades of the same color, neutral combinations, or adding contrasts across these surfaces adds dimension and interest to the kitchen.

For example, you can go with black granite countertops surrounded by white cupboards and charcoal gray bottom cabinets. This can go with a white counter for the kitchen island and matte black bottom cabinets. You can even add red accents in small amounts.

How important is color contrast for the cabinet and the countertop?

Color contrast creates visual interest and balance. Equally important to consider is the mood and energy created by the dominant colors of a room.

Remember that the kitchen is a busy space, so you would want to create an atmosphere for cooking and eating that is relaxed and enjoyable.

That is why the common suggestion is to use simple, complementary colors for your cabinet and counter colors.

Neutrals, muted or very light shades, and the timeless combination of black and white are some examples. You can have color contrast in black and white without creating too much intensity.

Do black countertops stain?

Black countertop materials that are porous will naturally absorb liquids spilled on them. This includes granite, porcelain, or quartz.

In order to protect your black granite countertop from unsightly stains, they should be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth after each use.

Note that you should use only granite-friendly cleaners because some cleaners have harsh substances that are corrosive to the granite surface.

At least annually, your black granite countertop also needs to be sealed to block liquids from seeping in.


Here is a quick rundown of popular cabinet colors to complement black granite countertops:

  • Classic bright white for spaciousness and cleanliness
  • Cozy cream for a cozy contrast
  • Jet black for elegance and drama
  • Steel grey for sleek minimalism
  • Dusky taupe for a warm neutral
  • Natural wood grain for that earthy, organic feel
  • Sky or navy blue for a cool neutral
  • Mint or hunter green for a refreshing atmosphere
  • Mellow yellow for cheerful mealtimes

We hope you got some great ideas about what color cabinets with black granite countertops are the best for your own kitchen.

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