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What Color Granite Goes With Honey Maple Cabinets?

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what color granite goes with honey maple cabinets

Honey Maple is an excellent choice for your kitchen cabinets if you’re looking for versatile hardwood. It is durable and is very receptive to stains that could go with any style or theme.

With that said, selecting what color granite goes with honey maple cabinets can be a confusing task. Granite has thousands of variations to choose from and sorting through them to find the perfect match for your honey maple cabinets could take forever.

Fortunately, it is a lot easier for you to do so if you follow these design guidelines. Pictures are included so you can easily visualize:

Choosing an Overall Theme


First, you have to decide on a theme. Once you have a theme, all the other design elements will fall into place. Is it traditional or contemporary? Minimalist or maximalist? Monochromatic or eclectic?

Whichever theme you settle on, you want to have a cohesive kitchen; you would need your granite countertop to blend in really well with your honey maple cabinets.

Deciding on a Heavy or Light Contrast

In design, contrast is used to create impact and drama through the skillful arrangement of opposite colors, textures, and shapes. For example, pairing honey maple cabinets with black granite countertops looks bold and interesting.

Alternatively, you can do away with contrast to opt for a monochromatic aesthetic.

Black granite with honey maple cabinets look bold

Selecting Patterns

Honey maple wood and granite, being natural materials, have patterns of their own. You must ensure that these patterns do not clash, as it can be overwhelming if it happens and could be stressful for the eyes.

Granite generally has three vein patterns: marbled, speckled, or solid. Marbled granite goes well with traditional or country style, while speckled and solid granite works well with sleek and modern design.

1. Marbled granite


2. Speckled granite


3. Solid color granite


Additionally, granite with busy patterns throughout the stone can be a great accent for your kitchen island. You can then choose granite with the same or contrasting color but a more subdued vein pattern for the rest of your countertops.

Choosing the Color of Granite for Honey Maple Cabinets

In matching the colors of granite with maple cabinets, you must pay attention to the overtones and undertones of both the stone and the wood.

Overtones are the colors that we can perceive, and the undertones are the opposite. Nevertheless, both affect how we see the whole, depending on the lighting.

Honey Maple wood has a light, creamy color that has red and yellow undertones. It has straight and fine grains and can stain nicely, so you can have some room for customization.

Here are granite colors that would look great on your honey maple cabinets:

1. White

White granite is a safe bet when looking for colors to match with honey maple cabinets. It can brighten your kitchen and give it a crisp, clean look. White can also make your kitchen look spacious.

However, if you feel that your kitchen is already too large or it is receiving a lot of natural light, you may want to opt for snowfall or light grey below.

2. Black


Black is a bold, versatile color for light maple kitchen cabinets with granite countertops. It can give a modern, edgy look to your kitchen as black sharply contrasts with the buttery color of honey maple.

It is advisable to use black granite countertops in spacious kitchens, however, as black can make spaces look smaller.

3. Snowfall


Snowfall is a gorgeous variety of granite imported from Brazil. It is a snowy white stone speckled with ebony, charcoal veins, and swirls of tawny.

Snowfall granite goes well with the darker shades of honey maple and can be suitable for use in smaller kitchens since the light countertop color can make the space seem larger than it is.

4. Dark Grey


If you feel that black is harsh against your honey maple cabinets, but you still want a modern, masculine look for your kitchen, you can go with dark grey. It has blue undertones which offer a subtle contrast with the yellows of honey maple.

5. Light Grey

Whether you have a contemporary, rustic, or traditional kitchen, light grey is one of the few granite shades that could work with all three styles. It has the same enlarging effect as that of white without reflecting too much light.

A thing of note, though, is that light grey’s undertones can vary from red to blue, so you must decide whether you’d like a warm or cool kitchen.

6. Tan


For a minimalist aesthetic, going with tan is a great choice. Tan granite can have rosy undertones that might clash unattractively with honey maple. When choosing this, make sure to have a sample of your cabinet with you before making the final decision.

7. Green


A surprising inclusion to this list, green gently contrasts with the neutral hues of honey maple. It provides a refreshing accent to your kitchen, making it a lovely focal point for your house in spite of the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Things to Consider When Choosing Granite Countertop Colors for Maple Cabinets


  • It is a must to visit a warehouse selling granite slabs before finally deciding on your countertop color as a small square of granite is highly unlikely to represent the whole slab. Bringing a cabinet door with you can be a great help in color-matching.
  • If your kitchen is on the smaller side, using white granite countertops can make your space appear bigger. Likewise, darker granite colors should be avoided as this could make your kitchen look cramped.
  • The amount of natural light that reaches your kitchen must be considered as well. Sunlight can bring out the undertones present in the granite; for example, if your granite has warm undertones, it can make your kitchen feel hot, as it may compound on the warmth of the maple.
  • Additionally, if your kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, you may opt for a finish that would protect your cabinets from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are maple cabinets with granite countertops in style?

Yes. Maple cabinets and their golden hues are loved worldwide. It is a versatile wood that can be a great choice for traditional (think classic, Ivy League aesthetic) or modern design (think clean lines and solid colored granite countertop).

Are there colors that do not work with honey maple cabinets?

As mentioned above, maple wood already has heavy yellow undertones. It yellows even further as it ages. Therefore using a yellow or golden granite countertop can clash and make your kitchen look dated.

Red is another color that contrasts badly with honey maple. Using red granite can make your kitchen look warm, emphasizing the warm undertones in the wood.


It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Similar to the heart, the kitchen keeps the household alive as this is where meals are prepared, which serves as the fuel for the family to sustain them in their daily lives.

Therefore, having a beautiful kitchen is a worthwhile investment.

Choosing an overall theme must come first before deciding what color granite goes with honey maple cabinets.

Once you have a theme, everything else follows. Material patterns, contrast, and colors all work together to transform a blank space into a cozy and comfortable kitchen where the whole family can gather and bond.

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