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What Color Grout to Use With Beige Tile? – 6 Color Ideas

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what color grout to use with beige tile

Grout colors that go with beige tile are white, brown, gray, and black. Depending on the shade you choose, it may either unify the tile with a matching color, or enhance the tile’s design by bearing a contrast with it.

Below is an in-depth discussion about what color grout to use with beige tile and the step-by-step application process to avoid messy grouting. Also, usage and characteristics of different color grout which must be taken into consideration during the application are all specified. Scroll down for more!

What is Grout

Grout is a powder-like mixture of cement, sand, or chemicals which when mixed with water, creates a paste-like consistency that hardens to fill cracks and crevices. It is commonly used to seal and fill gaps in between tiles so that moisture or water cannot penetrate the flooring or wall.

Grout Colors for Beige Tiles

Floor tile and grout color come hand in hand when we talk about the aesthetics of tiled floors or walls. Grout does not only serve as a filler but also as a decorative element that highlights and/or boldly contrasts the beauty of the tiled surface. 

The fine line of grout colors can also bring dramatic spells to tiles. Each colored grout creates a unique impact in the styles, depth, and maintenance of the tiles to keep them in their prime. Here are the popular colors you may adapt for your home:

1. White Grout



When you desire a timeless design for your walls, go for a beige tile with white grout. The color combination of beige tiles and white grout brings out a classic yet sophisticated color scheme that gives a calm and bright perspective.

As you can see in the picture above, the white grout is used to illuminate and highlight the pearl shape pattern of the tiles while giving them a soft finish. 


One advantage of using white grout is that it gives beige tiles a luxurious look. But maintaining its whiteness could become a headache as time passes; hence, it is not ideal for high-traffic areas.

2. Off-white Grout



When you prefer a light grout that does not take the spotlight, then choosing off-white colored grout may be the best option. This grout color brings a dash of gentler and warmer impression on the background when paired with beige tiles. 


Since this color does not take the attention from the tiles, even dirt smeared on the surface won’t be too obvious compared to that of the pure white grout.

3. Brown Grout



Choosing a laid back brown grout creates a modest yet tamed appearance for the tiles. It does not highlight nor contrast the tile color but gives a matching view that enhances the sense of unity among the tiles.

Its earthly appearance blends well with beige floor tile. The combination of both resonates a warm feeling that works for both modern and traditional designs.


Brown grout compliments earthly colors, including beige tiles, natural stones, and marble. When spread in between them, it just blends in naturally and sometimes, is barely noticeable.

4. Beige Grout

beige-grout-with beige tile


Using beige grout with beige tiles that have similar shade creates a balanced color scheme. The neutral tone of the grout complements the beige tiles without competing for attention—hence, allowing the tiles to be the focal point of attention.

However, when you opt to pair a darker beige grout with a lighter beige tile and vice versa, expect great change in the overall appeal of the place. This is because a contrast in the shades is more highlighted. 


Another good reason for using beige grout aside from the advantages above is that it has more mass appeal. This creates a good standing for the house in the market when you’re thinking of selling it. 

5. Black Grout



If you are a fan of bold designs and patterns, you might find beige tiles with dark grout a thrilling combination. The contrast of black grout articulates the shape of your beige tiles to create a distinct look.


In addition to its aesthetic benefit, filling the gap in between tiles with black grout is a practical decision for heavy-traffic areas. The cleaning and maintenance are easier compared to other grout colors as it hides the color of impurities and dirt.

6. Grey Grout



Grey grout is a neutral option that can be used to complement or contrast the color of beige tiles. For a complementing type, you may choose to use light grey grout with light-colored beige tile or vice versa. 

However, when you desire a lively and contrasting color, pairing lighter grey grout with darker beige tiles or vice versa is the definite call. This choice allows one of the colors to stand out in amazing support of the other color.


Another thing you should know about grey grout is that it has a longer shelf life compared to other grout colors. If used in a lighter shade, it will also make a room seem bigger.

How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Beige Tile


Do not stress yourself worrying about the right color grout for beige tiles! This is a matter of personal preference, so there are no right and wrong grout colors. However, one thing is for sure: always consider the harmony of beige tile and grout color combinations.

For instance, if you prefer a contrasting color on Mesa beige variegated tiles, then choosing a grout that complements any of the various patterns present on the tiles should be a priority. Choosing a darker shade of grout color also leads to a daring contrast, while lighter colored grout graces the tiles with light vibrancy.

On the other hand, when you want a monochromatic color scheme for grout and tiles, use the nearest beige color of grout you can find. Black grout will certainly suit this purpose.

You should also match the grout with the accessories in your room, such as having them in the same color finish.

When still unsure of the grout color to use, a color chart or grout deck would be a great help. Place a sample of grout color beside a tile you choose to see which is the best match that captures your interest.

How to Grout Beige Tile

1. Clean Grout Joints


Start by removing protruding or old grout using a putty knife, then vacuum the surface to get it ready for the grout filler.

2. Mix Grout 


Mix the chosen color of grout with water until you reach the desired consistency. You may also follow the manufacturer’s direction of usage to get the right texture.

3. Slake Grout


When you reach a peanut butter texture, bring it to slake or rest for at least 10 minutes to give time for the chemicals present in the grout to bond. Do not skip this process, or the dry and wet ingredients won’t combine well.

4. Load Grout Joints


Mix the grout once more and scoop a small amount with a float. Then, squish it into the gaps between tiles.

5. Remove Excess Grout


Move the float on the surface to clean off excess grout. This technique leaves the grout evenly and flatly distributed on the tile surface. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes to harden.

6. Clean Tile Surface


Remove the remaining grout mess on the surface using a damp sponge.

7. Wipe off the Haze


Even after cleaning the surface, excess grout may still remain on the tile. Remove it by wiping with a microfiber towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should grout be lighter or darker than tile?

The shade or color of grout depends on your preference. Both can emphasize the size, shape, and design of the tiles. However, dark grout is easier to clean while light grout is less likely to stain tiles with a crackled glaze.

What color compliments beige tile?

Colors that compliment beige tile are the family of neutral colors that ranges from light tan to fawn, white, gray, brown, and black. A darker color grout for beige tile creates eye-catching dimensions, while lighter ones bring radiance to the overall view.

However, some grout colors also have downfalls. Bright colors like white require maintenance like sealing to prevent stains, while dark colors like black can discolor over time.


The magic of learning what color grout to use with beige tile will help you pick the right filler for Mesa beige tile or any other beige flooring that captures your heart. The characteristics that set each type of cement grout apart from each other is useful when choosing the appropriate product needed.

Also, learning the steps on how to fill tile joints enriches you with the techniques that are helpful for home improvement projects.

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