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Where Should You Store Full Garbage Bags? (Best Places)

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where should you store full garbage bags

Knowing the best place to store garbage cans is crucial for a tidy and clean environment. You may utilize spaces under the sink cabinets and other accessible outdoor areas for bin placement.

However, choosing where you should store garbage full bags depends largely on your property and preference.

Some may keep their garbage in a separate shed, in the garage, or simply in a safely covered bin outside the curve. Keep reading to discover the perfect spots to stash full garbage bags and avoid clutter and stench!

Where to Place Trash Bin in the House?

It’s never a pleasant experience to be tripped over by bags full of stinky garbage right in your own home. But you can’t just leave trash scattered outside on the premises, either. Uncovered full trash bags in an open bin could be a “party site” for raccoons and other wild animals.

The right placement of garbage bins at home is not just a matter of convenience. It keeps the house clean and hygienic.

Now, we will focus on the two places that generate the most waste in any home: the kitchen and the bathroom.

1. Kitchen


One of the major everyday concerns in this area of the house is the accumulation of trash. No one wants to spoil their beautiful kitchen with rotting matter.

To neatly store trash bins in the kitchen, we can utilize spaces under the sink or countertops. Opting for an integrated trash bin would also be a nice option.

What are the benefits of keeping our kitchen scraps organized?

 01 High-end Kitchen Status


Keeping the trash bins out of sight by installing a built-in pull-out or tilt-out cabinet trash can under the sink or countertops adds a smart appeal to the kitchen. Also, there are no more visible cans that obstruct movements when preparing around the kitchen perimeter.

 02 Odor Control


Besides freeing space on the kitchen floor, the well-kept trash bin minimizes the spreading of unpleasant smells.

Always remember to tie trash pickup bags when they are full and replace them with a new one. This routine prevents the spread of the garbage odor, and preserves the trash can from stains. Furthermore, the general cleaning of trash can is easier as it was maintained carefully.

 03 Easy Access and Time Saving

Most food preparation is done on the countertop and sink area. Having the trash bin conveniently placed underneath allows easier access. It optimizes the movements needed to keep the trash away, hence, saving you some time.

However, be reminded that kitchen trash is always a mix of wet and dry trash but that does not mean you can store them all in one trash bin. It is always a must to store food garbage bags separately from other trash.

2. Bathroom


Another area where a trash bin must be present is in the bathroom. The trash generated here is minimal, that’s why most toilet trash bins are designed small. Generally, it is placed beside the toilet bowl or bathroom door but some would mount it inside cabinet doors.

For bathroom trash, it should not be mixed with the kitchen trash unless you store them outside while waiting for the collection.

Where to Store Full Garbage Bags in the House?

Here are some trash bag storage ideas you can adapt for your home to save you from a “stinky” situation:

1. Garage or Basement


One important practice for waste management is to avoid garbage stench from wafting inside the house. To attain this, store full garbage bags in the garage or basement. These places make it easy for you to bring out the garbage during collection.

Placing your garbage in the garage or basement prevents neighbors from dumping their waste into your garbage bin as well as keeps animals from prying over it.

2. Garbage Shed

When the garage or basement is not a favorable option, another place to store garbage bags is a garbage shed. Its enclosed structures protect and hide the trash bins from wild animals at the same time its design disguises the bins to be in harmony with the outside environment.

3. Dumpster or Garbage Bin


Storing full garbage bags outside the house in a dumpster or outside garbage bin is another visible option. The key here is it must have a tight lid. It stops wild animals from prying up the bin and causing a complete mess.

In case a garbage bin isn’t enough to store all of the garbage, you can opt for a dumpster. A trash bag dumpster is ideal for a one-time junk removal project; however, be mindful of the weight limitation imposed on it.

Apartment With No Garbage Pickup


If your apartment doesn’t have trash pickup, talk to the owner or superintendent of the house. Maybe they have alternative options for waste disposal, or they partner with a private garbage collecting agency.

If not, you may contact the local government in the area for further information. Be informed that before an apartment is given a license to operate, it has to pay garbage collection tax to the government which means it should be covered by local services in the area.

Places Where Garbage Pickup is Unavailable

Now, when you live somewhere without trash pickup like the outskirts of rural areas. It would be better to exercise composting for biodegradable trash and recycle everything that can be recycled. Also, store purely trash objects in the shed so you can dump them at the landfill in one round trip.

Where to Store Full Garbage Bags for Businesses

Different types of businesses have different types of garbage that are subject to certain protocols. For example, a construction company has totally different trash from a fast food restaurant. The chemical industry also has totally different and more hazardous trash compared with the two companies formerly mentioned.

1. Construction Industry


The construction industry often hauls large piles of garbage that needs to be dumped in a designated dumping place. That’s why construction dumpster bags are commonly used. These are big sturdy bags that can hold 3 cubic yards of debris.

In the event where the construction garbage is massive, a rental dumpster would be the best option. Rental dumpsters are heavy-duty big rectangular containers where construction waste is placed. This can be unloaded on the sides until it is full, then the rental company comes and picks it up.

2. Food Industry


The food industry has very strict protocols when it comes to sanitation and garbage storage and disposal. To have a high rating for sanitation, they must exercise proper food handling and waste management rigorously.

Full garbage bags for food handlers are required to be stored in a food-grade dumpster and they should never be stored below the pantry or any place near food. These are not a reminder but standard operating procedures for every food business for continuous operation.

Hazardous Waste Storage and Disposal


Hazardous waste are types of waste that can potentially harm humans and the environment whether now, or in the future. Examples of this are solvent-based paint, pesticides, and motor oils. Their storage and disposal are treated separately from normal household garbage.

According to the Environment Protection Agency, hazardous waste must be stored in containers that comply with the resource conservation and recovery act regulations(RCRA).

Companies and individuals who dispose of hazardous trash, must place them in a safe container, properly sealed, and labeled before bringing them to treatment or storage facilities to avoid being mixed with other chemicals.

Tips to Store Trash Until Trash Collection Day


Below are some important tips to remember in storing trash while waiting for the collection day.

  1. Food is the number one cause of stench in the garbage. Leave the expired food on the fridge to slow down the rotting and take it out on the collection day.
  2. Try compacting the garbage in the trash can to give space for new trash.
  3. Outdoor garbage bags should be tightly tied before placing them into a community dumpster.
  4. If it’s a necessity to store full trash bags outside, place them in a well-lit area to discourage other people and stray animals from diving into it.
  5. Do not allow trash to overflow from the trash cart rim. It is recommended that the trash cart lid should be closed tightly at all times.

Importance of Disposal Trash Properly


It’s rather obvious why we are required to discard trash at the right place and with the right method:

  • Environment protection – We are already dealing with various environmental issues due to gas emissions. Waste produced by human activities is polluting the earth every day. So, if we do not deal with waste disposal correctly, it will negatively impact nature.
  • Health standard – We must also protect our own health when collecting and discarding trash well to prevent respiratory sickness.


Proper management of the different types of trash is a paramount concern to every household and business establishment in the name of safety and a healthier environment.

The tips and ideas on how and where should you store full garbage bags show you the importance and benefits taken from religiously following proper waste storage and disposal.

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